Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MY STYLE HAS EVOLVED a great deal the last years. These two pictures are from around 2005-2007 (I think),
and as you see I was pattern-confused. I can't even remember why I couldn't color-coordinate,
but for some reason I always ended up wearing 5 different patterns and color schemes at once.

Oh, I'm happy I've gotten better at that at least.

Today has been such a great day! I've been out shopping with my mama all day, and got all kinds of different pretty things.
How has your day been?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I GRADUATED LAST FRIDAY. Truly a ridiculous and eventful day with 12+ hours of partying and driving around. Woah!

These days are pretty sick hence the bad updating. I've a few parties left and then I can "finally enjoy" my vacation.
Not that I'm not enjoying it now, but it is a little hectic.

I wore:
H&M the garden collection dress
Matthew Williamson for H&M belt (male collection(
Stella McCartney Sandals
Chanel necklace

I'm heading to celebrate yet another friend in just a sec, so see you!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY ODD about walking home from a party at 6 AM, when people are on their way to work,
but that was what I did last night (this morning??). After a great party and a sunrise I was on my way home,
and after 6 hours of sleep I am soooo tired.
What I really want to do today is lie on a beach somewhere exotic. Like that beach on the pictures above of Heather Marks.

Have a nice day. CIAO.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I STILL HAVEN'T FIGURES OUT WHAT ATE MY ARM, and I guess 28 bites won't look that good when I graduate on Friday in a nice white dress, right? Let's just hope the bites are long gone then ..

I had my last exam yesterday which was pure madness, and my body can't really adjust to not having to be nervous.
After 7 exams in under a month, I guess my body has just gotten used to exam hell.

I feel I'm flying back and forth these days - to the school, to see friends, to see other friends, to the florist, and back again.
I just wanted to check in a say that I am indeed alive, and show you what I'm wearing today:
H&M cardi, Topshop jeans, Samsøe&Samsøe top, Matthew Williamson for H&M (male collection) scarf,
Chanel necklace and Burberry sandals.

I'm heading to a school nearby to celebrate a dear friend. SEE YOU!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

FREAKY SHIT IS HAPPENING with my skin these days.
I've suffered from some sort of weird rash on my legs the last many weeks, and have to get what allergy is causing that next week.

But today this happened (above photo). It looks like I've been bitten by some sort of animal (mosquito, or such), right?
But thing is: it came out of nowhere! 18 bites (or whatever) on my arm, and I have no idea how?

Can anyone please enlighten me, if you've tried something similar? Thanks.
MY DAD IS JACK KENNEDY'S UNKNOWN TWIN. I'm not even kidding you guys,
they look frighteningly alike. Every time me and my friends see a picture of him,
they're like "Dude, that looks like your dad!".

Funny story is that my mother may be Jack's biggest fan.
She has more books about him than I can even count, and know EVERYTHING there is to know.
Conscience she found a look-a-like? I think not!

For some reason my dad just resembles past presidents. Back when Bill Clinton had the post,
he was time and time again stopped on the street, and asked if he knew how much he looked like Bill. I've never really gotten that.

He will always be my Jack Kennedy. All my love to my daddy dearest!

I'm off for some more studying. I've my last exam tomorrow!!

PS. I tried the bigger font out, and it really doesn't work for me.
If you're feeling the font it too small, please yell or comment, and I'll think about it again,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

SPEAKING OF BEHATI PRINSLOO, how adorable is she in this editorial?
The photo with the dog? The cutest!

I'm off for the match between Denmark - Cameroun. CIAO.
Daddy just gave me a one-day ticket for the Danish festival Roskilde.
Jack Johnson, Miike Snow, Kasabian, The National and Prince. That is a-okay.
I'm a little bummed I'm not getting to see Gorillaz, but whatevs, if Prince plays "Kiss" I'm all okay!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'M SITTING IN BED with new mags and coke. Life is a-okay!

I need to get up early-ish tomorrow to study, so no fun for me this Friday night, but what are you all doing?

PS. The picture is a cell shot, since I couldn't find my memory card, hence the very bad shot!
THERE IS SOMETHING SO EFFORTLESS about Behati Prinsloo. She has this very commercial beauty,
that still works for "high fashion". This editorial is so cute - I quite like the idea, actually.

I've been buried in biology the last two days, but aced my exam (A+!), so I'm back .. for now.
How are you all?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! I turn 19, and the above Chanel necklace was one of my gifts.

Sadly I'm not celebrating my birthday today, since I'm in the middle of 24h biology exam.
Can you say the nitrogen cycle? Aaarghh, crapcrapcrap!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

THIS GIRL DOES THE COOLEST NAILS! I've never really gotten how people do those crazy nails.
I wish I could. Head over to her Tumblr HERE, and look for more fab nails.

I've 75 pages of biology to go, so see ya, peeps!
SPEAKING OF SAPPHIRE JEWELRY, how good does Eniko look in this ed?
Sapphires are my favorite stones!

I've changed the font-size just a bit, so I hope it is better for some of you now.
It annoys me a bit that how you see the font-size depend on if you're on a Mac or a Windows.

Today I'm studying more biology. Bored, bored, bored. But now: Britain's Next Top Model.


Monday, June 14, 2010

THIS RING IS MY DREAM RING. After a break it in the house, I was sure I had gotten a heirloom stolen,
and therefore got a bunch of insurance money. Them combined with graduation gift from my parents,
would easily get me this ring. Buuut .. the lost bracelet was found today (which is OF COURSE amazing),
so my dream ring suddenly slipped from near future to never. Bye bye ring (for now)!

Can I ask you one thing: how is my font on your computer?
Do you find the writing to small? I really need to know, cause it's perfect on mine,
but on other computers I've noticed it does look a bit small.
I'VE NEVER REALLY been into Balenciaga - neither clothes-wise nor bags-wise,
(I will however say, that I've almost always loved the shoes), but if there is a bag I wouldn't mind having
it's the above. I don't think they're even producing it anymore, and there are plenty others I would want before
paying a ridiculous amount for this bag on Ebay, but just if someone wanted to give me a special b-day gift on Wednesday,
I seriously wouldn't mind it being this.

I'm spending the day studying for my biology-exam. I've already read 50 pages and decided to take a break
while watching Denmark - Netherlands while eating a bagel and drinking a Faxe Kondi (if you ever decided to visit Denmark,
you should really try this drink out - it's like 7Up, just better), but for some reason my TV has decided to download something
and therefore doesn't work.

Update: TV works with only 20 min left. Brilliant. Oh, and Denmark is behind 1-0. Double brilliant.
Now: Bagel!
1. 3.1 Phillip Lim: It saddens me that I was not blown away by my fave, Phillip Lim this season.
Do a smashing summer collection, won't you?
2. Alexander McQueen: Although his death saddens me, I'm also truly glad,
that his last collection was also my personal favorite.
3. Celine: I'm not really a Celine girl. It's too minimalistic for me, but in theory it's great.
4. Chanel: Karl truly did one of his craziest collections to date. What was up with all that fake fur?
I liked everything BUT that.
5. Christian Dior: I've said before that Dior's collections are never really the ones I truly love,
but this is amazing! I love the fabrics, I love the color scheme, I love the dresses,
and I love that it takes me back to the time of Marie Antoinette.
6. D&G: I actually loved the beautiful elements combined with "I'm going out skiing"-theme. Cool.
7. Dolce & Gabbana: Not that much to say - cute.
8. Dries Van Noten: So beautiful colors.
9. Elie Saab: I thought that Elie Saab was this brand that did these totally over-the-top ball gowns,
and then comes this? I'm stunned. In a good way.

That was it. I'm ready for S/S 11 now. Bring it on!