Monday, June 14, 2010

THIS RING IS MY DREAM RING. After a break it in the house, I was sure I had gotten a heirloom stolen,
and therefore got a bunch of insurance money. Them combined with graduation gift from my parents,
would easily get me this ring. Buuut .. the lost bracelet was found today (which is OF COURSE amazing),
so my dream ring suddenly slipped from near future to never. Bye bye ring (for now)!

Can I ask you one thing: how is my font on your computer?
Do you find the writing to small? I really need to know, cause it's perfect on mine,
but on other computers I've noticed it does look a bit small.


camilla said...

størrelsen på teksten er helt fin (:

Eliza said...

The font on my computer is tiny. Thanks for asking. Love your blog.