Saturday, December 31, 2011

WHAT A YEAR, what a year. A lot happened. So much that I almost didn't blog,
hence the holes in the review below. Where did January and May go?
I bought a Halston dress after seeing Carrie carry it so well on Sex & the City.
I wore jeans from Topshop, cardi and blouse from H&M and my favorite bag from Chanel
I went and saw Walton Ford at the danish museum of modern art - Louisiana.

I told you about my training routines after comments on my wonderful body. Ahahaha, never heard that before.

In late March I moved to Paris for a few months. From my apartment I could see the Opera.

The weather was so good and on one of the hottest days we went to Sacre Coeur.
Where the view over the city was amazing.

After staying in Paris for a few months I finally visited the Eiffel Tower, and the sky was so beautiful.
Almost everyday we ate lunch at Sushi Folie's where I had amazing sushi.
I celebrated my birthday in Paris, but when I returned to Denmark I was celebrated by my family,
wearing a cheap dress bought in Paris and a Julie Sandlau necklace I got by my best friends.

I finally got the orange Hermès Kelly bracelet by my parents and wore it together with Topshop jeans and Gaf Rimon t-shirt.
July was still a little cold so I wore shorts from Topshop and leather jacket from Muuba on my way to work.
And again with same jeans and By Zoe top.
And I finally saw The Strokes live at the Roskilde Festival. I love those dudes!

Summer finally arrived, and I celebrated that by wearing H&M card, Stella McCartney top and H&M shorts.
Still with black tights, though? Hmm .. I'm always freezing.
I showed you where I'm living and the view from my window.
And I went to Crete with my girls for the third year in a row. Love that place!

8 months too late I showed you the Camilla Skovgaard wedges I got by my dear mom as a going away present,
when I went to Paris.
I had finals and studied at the library..
.. and at home.
I showed you the pictures of a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert I had been at a month earlier.

I worked worked worked, first on a school project that took up most of my time, and later at work selling christmas gifts to God knows who.
I was also reunited with my other home, Paris, and finally celebrated christmas with a christmas outfit.

All in all a pretty good year if I must say so myself. Already have lots planned for 2012. First stop: an exam. Second stop: Hong Kong for the chinese new year. Basically I can celebrate new year's eve once again if tonight is no good.

And take care of yourself and each other.

Monday, December 26, 2011

WE'RE having the family over for christmas lunch in just a sec, and I'm wearing this:
Zara shirt, LTB jeans and new Christian Louboutin pumps.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

CHRISTMAS without a christmas outfit is no good, so here you are:
Sweater and shirt from H&M, jeans from GAP

I hope you had an amazing christmas eve and day. I got so many amazing gifts. Love my family!
EVERY YEAR I make this best-of-the-year list.

Let's start with best campaign and editorial.
Damn it was a sucky year print-wise, so I actually don't even have runner-ups.

BEST CAMPAIGN OF 2011: Mulberry S/S 2011 by (my favorite) Tim Walker.

BEST EDITORIAL OF 2011: Miranda Kerr by Simon Lekias for Harper's Bazaar Australia November 2011

Later I will do my best buys of 2011 and best dressed of 2011. They're a little bit tricky though.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

IT'S BEEN some rough couple of weeks, hence the zero blogging the last two weeks.
Thursday to Monday I spend in my other home, Paris. Soso amazing to be back, and loads of shopping.
More about that later.
Tuesday to Friday I workedworkedworked. Most days I didn't get off until 20.30 PM, so I am a bit tired.

But now - it's Christmas. That's why above you have my absolute favorite christmas songs.
And that's also why I will spend the day with my family and just say:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ME AND DAD bought this beautiful and cool bracelet for my mom for christmas today.
You actually close the bracelet like a belt even though it's silver, or whatever it's made of.

Woah, I'm really stressed out. At my university you basically work on your final in a group for the entire semester.
Me and my study are making the final touches, and we are handing it in on Thursday at the latest.
Cause on Thursday I'm leaving for Paris!

Friday, December 9, 2011

BECAUSE I'M PAYING my other home Paris a visit next week.
To celebrate that here is part 2 of my Paris guide.


Ferdi, 31 Rue Mont-Thabor, 75001: One of my favorite restaurants in Paris. The restaurant is really small with a special interior and delicious food. Try their mini cheeseburger, which is apparently a fashion crowd favorite at fashion week. The service is not always good, and you’re not always treated that well, if one of their regular costumers arrive and need your table.

Le Pain Quotidien, 8 Marché Saint-Honoré, 75001: Delicious place to have your breakfast. Organic bread, jam, white/dark Nutella, etc. You should also try their warm croissant with cheese and ham.

Mezzo di Pasta, 164 Rue Montmartre, 75002: This pasta chain you can find all over town. If you like pasta and need to find a quick lunch Mezzo is ideal. You receive fresh take-away pasta of your choice.

Le Petit Marché, 9 Rue de Béarn, 75003: Very delicious french cuisine with a touch of Asia. The restaurant is situated in a petite cozy street in Marais. Try the yummy tuna.

L’as du Falafel, 34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004: You find Paris’ best falafel here. Delicious produce: fried eggplant among others.

Café Dôme, 4-6 Rue de Rivoli, 75004: Sit down at this café in Marais. I prefer to sit outside in the sun if the allows it. If not place yourself inside in their nice sofas. I eat the scrimp salad EVERY time. You won’t find it better.

Les Comtoirs des Archivess, 41 Rue des Archives, 75004: This café in the heart of Paris is specially ideal at night, where you’re able to sit outside under their heat lamps. The food is not overly amazing, but the café itself is very nice.

Breakfast in America, 4 Rue Malher, 75004: Slightly atypical to eat American food in Paris, but nevertheless delicious to get blueberry pancakes and other American specialties, specially when you’re hungover.

Berko Cupcakes, 23 Rue Rambuteau, 75004: At Berko you find the cutest mini cupcakes in Paris.

Sugarplum, Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005: Delicious cakes and homemade icetea.

Café de Flore, 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006
Café les Deux Margots, 6 Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, 75006:
Sit down at one of these iconic cafés if you want to sniff a bit of stardust from Claude Monet, Jean-Paul Sastre and Simone de Beauvoir, but expect the prices to be pretty high.

Sushi Folie’s, 80 Boulevard Raspail, 75006: Very good Asian lunch place, if you’re looking for a cheap lunch. I’ve sat at their plastic chairs numerous times eating amazing sushi.

Chez André, 12 Rue Marbeuf, 75008: Traditional French kitchen with fantastic oysters if the season allows it.

Café Sud, 12 Rue de Castellane, 75008: Delicious French food with a touch of Asia.

L’Avenue, 41 Avenue Montagne, 75008: Sit outside at this café and enjoy the sight of the many stylish people on their way to shopping at Chanel and Christian Dior among others.

Buddha Bar, 8 bis Rue Boissy d’Anglas, 75008: The food inspired by Asia is heavenly and the surroundings with a giant Buddha is worth an experience. Try the amazing stir-fried tuna.

Chartier, 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009: You will probably have to wait in a long line outside this restaurant that have room for approximately 200 guests. Here you will experience the real Parisian mood with stressed out waiters and lots of French costumers.

Hôtel Amour, 8 Rue Navarin, 75009: Classic French cuisine and a very interesting interior. Sit on the cozy patio. It’s a hotelrestaurant and I’ve heard that the hotel itself should be worth a visit too.

Fuxia, 25 og 51 Rue des Martyrs, 75009: Delicious Italian café and restaurant chain. At the café you can almost only get amazing pasta dishes. The other part is more of a restaurant.

Pizza Tivoli, 5 Rue La Fayette, 75009: This restaurant has a special place in my heart. It is situated almost exactly next to my apartment in Paris, which meant that I ate there quite often. Nice Italian food and great pizzas.

Refuge des Fondus, 17 Rue des 3 Frères, 75018: Fondue and wine in babybottles. A must-visit! The restaurant is very small and typically filled with American tourists but the concept is so weird that you have to try it.

Bertillion, Île Saint-Louis: Paris’ best ice cream! Bertillion HAS to be tasted. I’m especially
digging the apricot and peach ice cream,

Boulangeries: The Paris bakeries are cheap and delicious! A baguette costs approximately 1-2€, but still they taste so good!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

LET'S TALK BEAUTY! Below are the beauty products I use on a daily or weekly basis.
Shu Uemura is THE brand to buy for your hair. I have never tried a better product for my hair,
and I use both shampoo, conditioner and treatment on a regular basis.
Moroccanoil is a lifesaver for your hair. My hair is a whole new person after trying this, I'm telling ya'.
It can take me up to half an hour to comb out my hair, so I use leave in conditioner spray.
This one is from a Danish store called Matas, but I'm sure you can find something similar everywhere.
This body scrub from The Body Shop has a sentimental value to me. It reminds me of childhood.
Try working at a store in December where you have to wrap maybe 500 gifts. You hands literally die.
That's how I got addicted to this product. AMAZING! I use it pretty much everyday.
I'm not sure whether this is solely a Danish product, but you just have to look for the thickest cream you can find.
If the other cream is a little too thick, I use this amazing Jurlique hand lotion with a smell of citrus.
Sometimes I find that cream can make my hands feel even more dry than they were before,
but this one does not. It's just heavenly!
I have the same problem with my lips. Most lip balms make my lips more dry in the long run,
so the only product I use for my lips is Labello. Basic and awesome!
I rarely wear make-up, but when I do I just remove it with the cheapest make-up-remover from the store.
I've used the Diorshow Iconic Mascara for as long as I remember. My eyes get easily irritated, so I always use mascara with a silicone brush.
A lash curler is THE product for your lashes. I'm amazed of how big a different it actually makes.
This one is actually just from Sephora in Paris and not very good, but I've heard that the one Shu Uemura makes is the best out there.

Any products you want to recommend me?

I'm starting to feel better. I have had some pretty rough 4 days with the flue and a fever coming and going.
Friday I was sure I was going in the right direction, and then in the night my temperature rose again so I had to call in sick at work.
Bummer! Anyways - I'm on my way to the beach house with my study group. So I won't be home until Thursday evening. CIAO, CHICAS!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I CAUGHT the flue, so I've been in bed all day with a fever and a enormous headache.
I've felt so bad but at the same time I've been so restless, because my head has not been able to concentrate on watching TV.

I'm actually only checking in to show you this link:

I watch the show every year and love the concept and the models even more.
Ahh, if only I had their bodies!

Anyways - must relax. CIAO!