Saturday, November 28, 2009

NEW YEARS. This is what I want to wear for new years eve - funky hair and make up and to die for shoes.
Those shoes are mad wicked. That heel? Yeah, you get the picture.

NOW: Biology (evolution and kinship - I hate high school!) and christmas radio (yeah, I'm a tiny bit early this year).
YOUNG AND IN LOVE. I want to be young and in love too!!!

Anyhow (hey, by the way - what's the difference between anyway and anyhow?) - I had a high school party yesterday
with the theme white (white sensation, white christmas, white bla bla bla), and hopefully I have an outfit pic coming
up soon. Plus I've lost my voice totally, so I basically sound a little like donald duck on drugs.
You get the picture, right? :)

Today I really should do a biology essay, but right now Ugly Betty sounds much better.
Like seriously I love Ugly Betty soooo much. But in 2 hours I'm going to the movies with the parents,
so biology will have to wait till tonight.

Well, okay, enough for now - BYE.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DARK. What did I just say yesterday? Quote: "I'm trying not to post everything I love",
and here, I am again. But these pics of Snejana is dead gorgeous!

Now: The Hills & The City.
Afterwards: Homework.
Later: Fatkid and N.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SOFT VS. REBEL. I love these pics of Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss.

Oh yeah, and these two additional pics of Karlie:
I feel a little bad for posting these, since they're have basically been all over the internet,
and I'm really trying not to repost everything I love.

Crap, I felt so bad this morning. I woke up numerous times in the night with a sore throat,
but this morning I had a sore throat, a headache, felt nauseous, a stomachache AND sore ears.
Yeah, hypochondria, right? I knooow, dude, but I felt so bad!
I went to school and it actually somewhat disappeared, but now most of it is back.
I mean, I've just been sick, WHAT'S UP??

So now: nailpolish, Coca Cola, christmas cookies and TV.

Monday, November 23, 2009

BLOG IT UP. Sooo, I've updated my linklist.
I've said it before, and I'm saying it again, if you want to make a little shout-out to your own
or any other blog, please do so!

I love reading bloggers perspective on other bloggers, and here are my favorites at the moment.
Fun stuff, right? RIGHT?

- This girl has been written about again again since she started out blogging,
but I can't help on writing about her as well. Have you seen such a creative beauty like .. ever?

- We've all seen The Sartorialist, Jak&Jil and Garance Dore, but this blog has what the others lack: models of duty!

- A Christian Louboutin collection like that deserves a giant applause.
Not only does this girl have giant amounts of gorgeous shoes, she's a successful designer as well. I'm impressed!

- This swedish girl is pretty, has a great sense of style AND takes awesome outfit posts. Me likey.

- Ever wondered what the dudes think about what you wear? Learn it first hand from He.

- Natalie is a prettypretty model and sports amazing outfits.

- Coco Rocha seems like such a sweet and warm person, and I've always wanted to hear about model's experiences.

- Tavi is probably the cutest blogger EVER with fun language and amazing self-irony.
I've read several, specially Danish, magazines where they are not speaking warmly about her.
Jealousy, much? She doesn't have a fashion education, and still knows more interesting stuff about the subject
than many educated fashion peps. Way to go!

Oh my god, I'm so tired, so I'll talk to you LATER.
FRILL. I bought this top from Topshop a while back and totally love it!
Problem is that it's kinda hard to wear in these winter times,
where I wear layer upon layer.
Get it HERE.

I literally drowning in homework. I've three essays to hand in this week alone. NUTS!
Now: Danish, history and social studies homework.
Afterwards: finishing up Danish essay.
Later: Post about my favorite blogs. I love to hear other's opinions,
so by the way, let me know if you have any blogs (including your own) to recommend.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

GLITTER. I wonder if Phillip Lim looked at these pictures of Jeff Buckley
or maybe his cover of the CD Grace where he is sporting this TOTALLY RAD
glitter jacket/cardi? Either way I love both versions.
Besides being a very handsome dude who played awesome music and died too young,
he obviously was way before all of us on all this glitter stuff. Way to go!

Too much blogging today - I apologize, but dude, it's procrastination at it's best.
IN MEMORY. Daul Kim at her best doing her thing for CHANEL.
I love these little videos - there are many more to find at

PINK AND ORANGE. I just realized the other day, that the font on this blog
is totally whack on a Windows computer (please tell me, if I'm mistaken),
so I'm trying a size bigger.

How are you all doing? I'm doing fine, besides the fact that my fave band, D-A-D,
had their 25th anniversary concert yesterday and I couldn't attend. BUHU!
Plus the fact that I'm going to spend all day doing homework in almost darkness.
It has practically been dark-ish all day - I don't know what's up with this weather!


PS. I'm going to ask again - what do you want to see more of on this blog?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

MAGGIE & CALYPSO. Seriously, these Loub's are out of this world. I need, ok?
The most realistic choice would be the Maggie, since I remember the pricetag on the Calypso in Paris
to be pretty-are-you-kidding-me-insane. If I find the Maggies on sale ever, I'm buying them!
(Psst .. they're not even that good on my feet - somehow my feet are all wrong for Loub's :( ..)

Yesterday was a day to celebrate, so I skipped my Danish class and went to the "arrangement" with some of my fam,
and then we headed out for amazing lunch. People living or visiting Copenhagen, MASH is the place to eat!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

RIP. I just heard the sad sad news that Daul Kim unfortunately passed away in Paris.
May she rest in peace. So sad, so sad.

That's it for today. BYE.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AMALIA. Seems that this bag from Lanvin was a success.
I have it, Vlada has it = SUCCESS!!
No, but seriously, it was a huge success, and they re-did this winter, also in different colors.
I'm so happy I got it last season, since the new edition is lacking a bit.
They had some trouble with the bows (or whatever it's called), unfortunately.

Anyways - If you feel intrigued buy it here.
Seriously, you won't regret it. I've used it so much, and I'm taking it out for a spin as we speak.
I'm meeting D up for Desperate Housewives, chai, coke and candy. What more can a girl ask for?

PS. My mother is home again (actually she came home yesterday),
and the tests showed that she's healthy as an ox, or whatever the saying is.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Picture cred:
SUMMER. Sooo .. summer, could you come soon, thanks? Cause all these items would
seriously look so good in my wardrobe. Specially the Christian Louboutin for 3.1 Phillip Lim sandals
and the Delfina Delettrez ring. And the A. Wang bag, and oh, the Viktor & Rolf sandals as well.
HELL, everything!!

My mother is going to the hospital yet again tomorrow.
It has been so weird having her in and out of the hospital three times the last year.
Let's just hope it's the last time!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'VE GOT MY NEW SHOES ON. Sooo .. the above sandals were in the bag.
I was kinda not really into them at the beginning until I saw them in the ads and fell in love.

Furthermore I bought these two bracelets - the last one I couldn't figure out how to photograph,
so you'll have to deal with the picture from the website:
COPYCAT. While searching through an online shop, like Ebay, I came across a picture
of a pair of shoes on a foot that was supposed to a pair of Jimmy Choo for H&M heels
(top row, second pair), but definitely weren't, and then it hit me, that I had seen the sandal before .. in a store
.. a while ago. So I searched a little further on the net and realized that some of the Jimmy Choo for H&M
shoes look an awful lot like many shoes from actual Jimmy Choo collections.

Just look at the above picture. I know that there are differences, but overall doesn't they look pretty much a like?
I've said before that I like when you can see that the designer's real vision shines trough their collaborations with
chains such as H&M. But I'm kinda against the idea of just looking at what they've done previously and then making
something similar. Of course I don't know how this all went down, but the similarities are definitely there.
What do you all think? SPEAK UP! :D
JIMMY WHO? My very expensive camera can't, for some reason, get the color of my bag right.
Ridiculous, right? So now you get two wrong editions of the actual color.
Anyways - you wanna see what's in the bag? Check in later.

I really should do my english assignment later, cause soon me and daddy have a little project.

I'm back again after only 1 real day of sickness. My mother was sure I had gotten the flu.
She thinks I had a fever, plus I had a sore throat, couching and a mean headache. Let's just pray I had it,
and it's over and done.

Argh, that english assignment is killing me, BYE.

Friday, November 13, 2009

VEST. Mama is going crazy with the CHANEL buys at the moment.
She bought this vest yesterday, and I think it's so cute and soft.

Plus the buttons are so pretty:

I should really do an english assignment right now, so I don't have to do it tomorrow.
And to be frank - I don't really know what else to do ..
Cred: Fashiongonerogue
BEACH. I love these pics of Karlie Kloss, and it makes me long even more for summer and beaches.

I'm sick today. Actually I'm feeling a lot better than I did yesterday,
but I've those annoying flu symptoms, besides fever .. yet,
so it's quite nice just staying in bed. Though I'm having a mean headache which makes me able to do practically nothing.

I'm going to the library in a sec to pick up some books I need for a big assignment I'm doing come December.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

STARS. Beautiful Vlada!

I'm feeling rather sick. You know, sore throat and tiredness, and all that jazz.
And unfortunately, that always makes me rather easy exited.
For example I watched clips from X Factor UK and got all exited when I saw this dude.
Yeah, he's good and all, but you should have seen me. Definitely not my finest moment.

Because of that I'm in bed with a cup of chai. My room is not really a room today,
since the new carpet arrives tomorrow, so my sleeping situation is not sooo good,
and after a crapass sleep last night I need a good nights sleep. Bad!

Rambling. CIAO.
HOT IN HERE. Dude, is Jamie Dornan one piece of eyecandy.
Let's just make the picture stand for itself, ok? :)


Monday, November 9, 2009

RING. I payed my dear grandmother a visit today, and got this cool ring.
She had considered throwing it out, but thought that I might like it. And I really do.
I love that it's like a petit belt to put around your finger.
You can see, that I've had to repair it a bit with some thread, because something is missing.

It has been raining non-stop in Copenhagen today - madness, so it was nice, that we could do schoolwork at home.
Me and S finished an assignment, I payed my granny a visit and went to the library and had a chai with favorite C.
Besides the fact that I've been feeling rather nauseous and have a major headache right now, the day has been goood.

I'm just longing for amazing times in Crete last August.
But a nice cold glass of Coca-Cola is helping a bit. :)


Sunday, November 8, 2009

THE C'S. So here's what's in the box - an amazing vintage CHANEL necklace.
Isn't it just beautiful?

By the way - as you can see I'm finally starting to get a hold of my Photoshop after a year.
Brilliant, right? 1 freaking year? I'm not so creative after all ..

SONG OF THE DAY: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
WHAT'S IN THE BOX? This is a kinda new buy - my mother found it in this amazing little second hand store nearby.
You wanna know what's in it? Then tune in later.

Cause now I'm cleaning up this blog.
Yeah, my room, my blog .. hell, my life. Clean, clean, clean, keep cleaning!
Too much crap floating around.

BOW. Me and mama went windowshopping yesterday,
and I found this bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
It's on the top of my christmas wishlist just in a grey-ish color.

If you have the money right now, you can get it HERE.

Right now I really should do some social studies homework, but TV is much more fun.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

VINTAGE MOSCHINO. Wow, me and mama bought this amazing Moschino belt/necklace today.
I love vintage Moschino, and we got it at such a great price.
Wearing: AA dress and Moschino belt/necklace.

Plus I finally found a CHANEL Jade look-a-like. I found the one below from Essie plus 2 more.

Well, I need to get back to my small project - cleaning out my room.
Tell me how one person (i.e me) can have SO much crap? It's freaking insane!
But really nice to get everything out. At the moment I've 5 bags with trash. Impressive.

Friday, November 6, 2009

LIGHT. I made a little experiment. Yeah, I made the lightning-photo-freakshow-stuff,
and I'm not a pro, so seriously these are not good .. yet at least.
Hey, I gave it a try:

I'm meeting up the girls for some thai-food soon. Have a great friday!


PS. I'm seriously biting my tongue just writing that Jay Z song down.
It's just insane how much my sense in music have changed over the last 2 years. Sad sad thing!