Monday, October 7, 2013

I AM TOTALLY feeling sweatshirts this fall. I have a feeling I will wear nothing but the next few months. Maybe a bit monotonous, but I honestly can't even remember what I wore last year, as I now have so many more sweatshirts in my closet than then.

This one is new and from Selected Femme and I love it! I was very hesitant as I think it is a big no-no when high street brands get too inspired by high fashion brands. This sweatshirt is obviously a knock-off of this so beautiful Balenciaga sweater from a few seasons ago:
But sometimes lack of money means that we can't all be frontrunners. :) And as the animal pattern is not the same, I felt that I was in the clear.

The little leopard number you can sorta see in the right side of the picture is also a new sweater and I will try and make a post about that one ASAP! And oh, the coke bottle in the background? I drink so much coke at the moment! My weeks at the moment are like school, work, school, work, school and then a little more work, and as I don't really drink coffee coke is my caffeine savior. 

Every monday I go to school and then I go home and do an essay, and that is what my day today has been like up until this point. And now I will go the gym and do some bodyflow. Wow, what an interesting day, no?