Thursday, December 31, 2009

SHEER. I have a thing for this look - I think I'll try someday with a oversized cardi and some sort of night gown underneath.

Oh, and Sherlock Holmes yesterday was absolutely magnificent. It really exceeded my expectations
with good performances and scenery. Afterwards me and daddy went and got amazing sushi. Yesterday was a real good day!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

PAMPERING. Best way to pamper myself? Bubblebath with bubbles from Ladurée that smell of roses.
From time to time I add a little blue berry flavored bubble soap from Sephora and some oils.

New Years is tomorrow!! Do you know what you're going to wear? - Cause I have NO idea.
Oh, and I'll try to get up some Best of 2009-stuff up soon.

Crap, gotta run - I'm heading to the movies with the parents (again) to watch Sherlock Holmes.


Monday, December 28, 2009

BRUUNS BAZAAR. When something works why bother change it?
That must be the motto of Bruuns Bazaar, cause Mathias and Carmen has been the models for got knows how many seasons,
and I LOVE IT!! Dude, have you looked at him? Hottest man on the planet!

Slow day today - I'm watching Pretty Woman and potentially Ocean's Eleven.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

LAID BACK. My friend S made me this dress/shirt-thingy. It's totally shapeless, but the perfect dress for slacking around at home.
Though I actually wore this to the movies with the parents. We saw Avatar, and it was amazing.
The story was rather bad, but the whole adventure and the 3D experience was absolutely amazing.
Oh, and Sam Worthington? I SO wouldn't mind.

I'm wearing: Dress made by friend, J.Brand jeans, Converses sneakers, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and random scarf.
I love brand new sneakers. When I was younger I always thought that dirty sneakers was coolest,
and now the whiter the better.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

LATE NIGHT SHOPPING. Sooo .. Net-a-porter's just started their end-of-season-sale, and
finally, FINALLY, I got the Lanvin tennis sneak, that I've been craving since I saw it first.
I almost bought it in Paris, but I came to my senses and realized that the price was a little insane.
But now - sale, and all? Yeah, they're on their way home to ME!
And me and mama couldn't resist the temptation of buying the Barbie by Christian Louboutin.
Have you just looked at it? Sooo awesome!

It should be home with me soon-ish (like in 1-2 days), but since it's christmas AND weekend,
I don't believe I can count on that.

FEATHER. This was the 3.1 Phillip Lim top I got for Christmas.
Worn with ASOS jeans and H&M cardi.

What the freak is up with the colors? I look insane pale - like a ghost.
Yeahyeah, the macbook camera doing it's thing, right?

Anyways - I'm off for christmas lunch. CIAOCIAO.

Friday, December 25, 2009

PRESENTS. Yeahyeah, you're getting some of them even though you probably don't even care.
- Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that I posted yesterday.
- The above Chanel wallet in black
- 3.1 Phillip Lim top
- Blue Converse All Stars
- Kate Moss for Topshop sweater
- Straightening iron

And lots more. Very good christmas, I tell you.

Anyways - I'm off for christmas lunch with the fam. CIAO.
CHRISTMAS EVE. I hope you all had an amazing eve. I surely did.
And with lots of gifts as well. I think maybe my mother overdid it a teeny bit as usual. :D
I got the above bag (in grey) from Marc by Marc Jacobs and lots more, that I'll tell you more about tomorrow.
Oh, and I forgot my presents to the family. DANG, how stupid, right?

I'm very tired now - so SLEEP TIGHT.
And to you, who're getting your presents tomorrow, I hope you get everything you've wished for.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

In Denmark we celebrate christmas eve as opposed to christmas day -
but a very merry christmas to all of you celebrating tomorrow as well.

May you get all the presents you've wished for and an amazing evening.

I've been on the run all day and now I'm on the run again.
I've no idea what to wear - crapdamnit.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CHRISTMASSPAM. I love christmas - this evening we played a gift game as we do every year.
Magazines and books and candy and movies and so on. SO FUN! I love getting gifts!!
Uuuh, and I saw a Chanel bag the other day - I am so exited so see what it is.
A wallet, I think. But a necklace peut-être?
Either way I'm exited. Do you know what you're getting? Since I almost didn't wish for something this year from my parents,
I have NO idea what I'm getting. FUN!

Now I'm watching The Holiday with the parents. I love that move. x34438483.

PS. That Queen song is seriously one of the best christmas songs ever!
I'm listening to a christmas radio channel ALL THE TIME, and I luuurve it.
LET THERE BE LIGHT. More light, more light.

I officially have nothing to post today. NADA.
But dudes, TAKE CARE.

LIGHT. The one thing that disappointed me the most in Tivoli was the lights in the trees.
When I was a kid those trees always stunned me - and EVERY tree was filled with lights,
so imagine my eyes the size of teacups. But this year - I found like 4 trees.

I spend the eve with Fatkid and Fatkid, and I actually walked the 10 min. walk home.
The snow was new and I rekindled my love with some of my old buds, Razorlight and Travis.
Oh, I've missed you my friends!

I'm actually heading to bed (it's 00:50 AM) and I'm dead tired after too few hours of sleep
+ an early dentist appointment + hours of Christmas shopping. Yeah, DEAD tired.
I only checked in to say HI to all of you! :D


Monday, December 21, 2009

BOW. More christmas!! Don't you just love it? I like the colors on the 1st pic. So christmas-y.

Woah, I feel rather nauseous right now. I think I overdid it when I had a bagel with D.
I guess I need to find some Coca Cola somewhere.

I'll curl up with a movie and then soon it's bedtime, cause I have an early appointment at the dentist tomorrow. Crap!

PS. Rest in peace, Brittany Murphey. I called my fave C earlier today, and she was like
"dude, why are you telling me this? I would rather not know!!". We watched Clueless like a million times
when we were kids, and she looooves Just Married. Oh, speaking of, I forgot to call her. Damn you, memory!
CHRISTMAS BALL. I went to the amusement park Tivoli with the parents and the grandmother.
This year Tivoli is practically the only place to find christmas spirit, and even though I was a wheeny bit disappointed,
it was better than nothing. I have a dozen pictures to post, so they'll pop up over the next day.

How have your day been? I've only visited my pneumonia affected grandmother.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

YOOX. I'm baaad at shoppingtipping you - but today I've a teeeny wheeny tip.
Do you ever check in at Yoox? Cause every once in a while you'll find the occasional
last season it items at good prices.
Take the above Proenza Schouler sandals - I actually don't really remember which season they're from,
but I loved the heel bad.

Oh, and these Marc Jacobs sandals I loved ridiculously much last summer. They're sooo pretty!


PS. And they have my 3.1 Phillip Lim blazer - it looks much better on, if you're wondering. :)
ALBER. This is well .. interesting - even for you, Alber. But then again - interesting is a good thing!

I thought I had something clever to say. Yeah, me, clever?? Who am I kidding?
I'll go back to my 80's songs. I've this creepy 80's songs thingy going on at the moment.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

GOERGE. I have a little thing for George Clooney.
I don't find him particular hot - actually he's more the marshmallow kind of guy, you know.
But I kind of think he's a very sweet guy if you get to know him.
And look at this interview with the girl from Twilight - I think he sounds like a sweet dude.
Yeah, I know - me and George we will totally be like this in .. say 5 years? :P

Anyways - when I saw this trailer I knew I had to see it with my Grandma,
cause fun story is - she looooves him. I gave her a calendar last year of him. Can you believe it?

Oh, and I only post crap like this when I have nothing else to post.

Friday, December 18, 2009

SASHA. Sasha is so cute in this ed! And that pink hair is rad!

I don't have many words this fine morning. I'm a little hungover after a Christmas party yesterday,
and now I'm going to the school to say merry Christmas to everyone and hear songs and all that jazz.

I'm checking in later if I feel better. CIAO.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

BLAH. 1. Dree looks fab for Valentino. Spring/Summer, I suppose?
2. Danny Robberts' drawings are perfect. And .. um, I wouldn't mind sitting at that table.
3. Outfit post: Yeah, that is exactly how I look when it's -3 Celsius outside with snow all over the place.
Wearing: Giant hoodie, J.Brand jeans and Zara cardi.
By the way - the color of these jeans changes every time I wash them.
When I bought them they were freaking dark blue and look at them now!


PS. Those songs are just amazing on so many levels. Listenlistenlisten!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SNOW. I love looking at snow. Driving, let alone walking in it? Not so much.
And please tell me one thing: How on earth does a rose survive in degrees below 0? That is beyond me.

It's D's birthday today, hence the amazing snowy weather. Oh, and my half year birthday. Woopwoop!

Tomorrow I'm officially handing in my assignment. Like freaking awesome, man!


PS. That U2 christmas song is so gooood. Take a good listen!
I'm considering not boycotting it when christmas is over. It's just so good!
Back when U2 still had some sort appeal. Their new stuff? Yeah, right ..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SHEER. I simply had to have this bra. 1. The zipper! 2. It fitted perfectly.
Oh, and 3. Can you just imagine everyone going:
"um, excuse me, but you do know that your top is sheer and that I can see your bra?".
And I would be like:
"WHAT? Oh no, I didn't know. How embarrassing!"
Yeah, people are easy like that.

But seriously, I think I'll wear this little number at a christmas party on Thursday just with a black sheer top.
Let me think about it - because on one hand it is just so rad, and on the other maybe it's a weeny bit too out there.
I'll let you know on Thursday, but until then - WHAT DO YOU THINK?

I've spend the entire day in Copenhagen with favorite C&C and snow. I love snow!


PS. I'm wearing: H&M bra and Sonia Rykiel for H&M top.