Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CHRISTMASSPAM. I love christmas - this evening we played a gift game as we do every year.
Magazines and books and candy and movies and so on. SO FUN! I love getting gifts!!
Uuuh, and I saw a Chanel bag the other day - I am so exited so see what it is.
A wallet, I think. But a necklace peut-être?
Either way I'm exited. Do you know what you're getting? Since I almost didn't wish for something this year from my parents,
I have NO idea what I'm getting. FUN!

Now I'm watching The Holiday with the parents. I love that move. x34438483.

PS. That Queen song is seriously one of the best christmas songs ever!
I'm listening to a christmas radio channel ALL THE TIME, and I luuurve it.

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