Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ARCH. This was such a cute and beautiful park that me and stud sat in for a little while,
before we had to meet the rest of the class for a visit in Danish Industry.
I really loved the arch, and while walking around a bit a huge bunch of soldiers came marching down. So cool!

I know I told you, that I would write about my mother's situation,
and it is coming, but I don't even have the time at the moment. It feels like I'm running around all day,
and when I eventually get home it's already bed-time.

Anyways - I've my last day of school this week tomorrow, and am looking forward to a nice and long weekend,
with a (hopefully) whole lot of posting.


Monday, September 28, 2009

OH-OH. A very very exciting thing happened today.
Me and mama swung by the Chanel store, which we always do,
and swooned over this jacket as we always does.
It has been on sale for a while now, and we asked wether it would go further down,
and when they gave us a good price, we pretty much took it.
Well .. mama is going in tomorrow, because it needs some work in the armlength,
but otherwise is goodgood.

LIKE A FREAKING CHANEL JACKET!! I can't really believe it,
but surely I'll post pictures when I get it home.

It is absolutely amazing because of it's wearability.
It can be casual and it can be party. It's AH-MAZING!

I'm totally high right now - might not post more today,
because I don't have any words left.

CONTRAST. Hey, I'm heading for school. Later on I'm going to Copenhagen to exchange the Nine West,
eat lunch and shop (or windon-shop) a bit with mama.
Oh, and a movie might snug in tonight with the fam. Or a movie will snug in.

That so reminds me of like .. a movie? Yeah, "She's The Man". Remember?

PS. I can see on the poll that you want some personal info,
and I'll think we'll might start sometime tonight. I'll run you through my mother's situation,
if you're interested?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

SHOULDERS. I'm not really sure if I'm really feeling the whole Balmain-mania,
but my brother is turning 21 today, and we're celebrating with fam,
so I thought I'd try it out.

Wearing: Zara cardi, random tanks, Topshop jeans, Chanel bag and Claudy Shs

Gotta run. CIAO.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

ROOM WITH A VIEW. I'm home y'all! Bruxelles was kinda the shit,
but oh but, only because of the people. The city itself is kinda boring.
We lived in the worst hotel EVER, and this was the view from the 9th floor .. yeah, yepee ..

But we met some other danes, who got the impression that since we were from the rich-kids part of Denmark,
we just had to be like the rich-kids in a danish tv-show. Freaks.

Anyways - I have some pictures that will just pop up over the next days.


Monday, September 21, 2009

CHAIN. Hi guys. How are you all doing?
I'm doing sorta bad actually. I've had a crazy heachache for two days, and the thought of
actually going to school tomorrow is SO not appealing.

Mainly because I don't know how to get time for everything.
I'm in school until 2 PM, then I need to visit my mother at the hospital (and speaking of hospitals: why don't they every look
like the ones in House and Grey's Anatomy? They're so nasty in reality).
And then I need to pack my stuff, and be in the airport (1 hour drive) at 6 PM,
cause then I'm heading for Brussels with my class.

Soo .. bottom line is: I won't get time for pre-installed post. Maybe I'll tune in tomorrow,
otherwise: see you friday.

On a whole other note: this is my total favorite bag at the moment.
I'm so glad I got it before they made the new ones, cause this has some total kick ass details,
the new ones don't! Anyways - it's from Lanvin .. if you wondered.


PS. I've looked at the answers from my poll (in the upper right side),
and as soon as I get back, I'll tell you all about myself, since it seems people want to know.
In the mean time: if you have any questions? Ask ask ask away. I don't really keep any secrets.

BOODITIBOOT. Soo .. I know I had my winter boots sorted out last week,
but then Fatkid sported these boots from Mag and I kinda needed them as well.
Though I'm returning the ones from Nine West and getting some money in return,
so it was kinda okay, that I had my brother drive he across the city (about a 30 min. drive) to get these boots, right? RIGHT?

Mjah .. I don't really know what the situation is with my mama, but hopefully I'll get some news soon.
But I think the rest of us are going to get some dinner at some point soon.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Follow A girl
BLOG UP THE WORLD. How do you keep track of all the blogs you follow?
Before I found out about bloglovin' I basically had like a million blogs bookmarked,
and I checked them all whenever I blog-surfed.
With bloglovin' everything is so easy. You just search for all your favorite blogs,
and every time you log on to www.bloglovin.com, all new posts are ready for you.

So this is just a little tip from me to you - if you can't keep track of all your blogs.

A little blogtip for you, is the already very famous Tavi.
DUDE, that girl is freaking awesome. My absolute favorite blog at the moment,
so if you're not already reading her blog, go check it out.

I think I might soon find my way to my bed, cause my head is killing me,
PHILLIP. Like seriously, dude, I love Phillip Lim so much!
I should totally be his spokeperson. Could you imagine that?
Like me walking around in this everyday? MAN, YES, beautiful!

Just look at the bags. I WANT THOSE!

Can you send your favorite designer a letter? I think I'll try that.
Like: Dear Phillip. I love all your collections, and if I had money enough I wouldn't wear anything but 3.1 Phillip Lim.
Much of love and kisses from Caroline at www.toerlich.blogspot.com

Anyways - I'm feeling rather bad today. Just sneezing and having a sore throat plus a sick headache!
But I'm watching "MADE", drinking coke and eating icecream, so maybe it's all a-okay.

Plus I'm leaving for Brussels on Tuesday.
Minus, my mother is going to the hospital tomorrow to see what they're going to do about her heart-situation. :S