Sunday, September 20, 2009

PHILLIP. Like seriously, dude, I love Phillip Lim so much!
I should totally be his spokeperson. Could you imagine that?
Like me walking around in this everyday? MAN, YES, beautiful!

Just look at the bags. I WANT THOSE!

Can you send your favorite designer a letter? I think I'll try that.
Like: Dear Phillip. I love all your collections, and if I had money enough I wouldn't wear anything but 3.1 Phillip Lim.
Much of love and kisses from Caroline at

Anyways - I'm feeling rather bad today. Just sneezing and having a sore throat plus a sick headache!
But I'm watching "MADE", drinking coke and eating icecream, so maybe it's all a-okay.

Plus I'm leaving for Brussels on Tuesday.
Minus, my mother is going to the hospital tomorrow to see what they're going to do about her heart-situation. :S



cathrine said...

heyy. just wondered where you found those pics? i lovelovelove phillip lim as well.

Tørlich said...

Yeah, right? He's amazing!

I found them on his webside. :)