Friday, January 30, 2009

Prefall 09 #2


1. Chloé.
I love the details on the shoulders and arms here. The dress is definitely a must for me for fall.

2. Emanuel Ungaro, 3. Just Cavalli, 4. Matthew Williamson.
Where I find the Balmain-shoulders a little over the top, these from Emanuel would actually do quite well.
5. Missoni. 
I lovelovelove the tights. I needneedneed the tights!

6. Moschino.
Perfect drapings and layers as always. Moschino is just so wicked-me!

And that's enough of Prefall 09 for me.
Did you notice that I really tried to limit the amount of photos this time around?
S/S 09 Couture will sadly probably be very crazy with giant amounts of photos on this blog.
Sorry in advance.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

We'll all float on okay

MUSIC. Every time I see Frejas "float"-tattoo I immediately come to think of "Float On" by Modest Mouse, 
and the other way around as well.
A total kick as song, that I truly truly love.
(If you can't recall the song, or just want to hear it again, here's a link).

I'm so lacking behind in my posting schedule. Not good!
1. Rest of Prefall 09
2. S/S couture.
3. New buys.
4. Sonia Rykiel tribute.
5. Random.
6. S/S shoes.
- Man, I'll never get the time, cause I've freaking much homework to do this weekend.

PS. More shopping!! Mama came home today with the Britt Sisseck skirt I've been craving for what seems like ever. 
I considered buying it last year in a size 36, though it was clearly too big.
Now mommy got it in a 38, which is obviously even bigger, but who cares?
I promise I'll snap some pictures soon, cause I need to snap pictures of the 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket as well.
PPS. All you danes out there, did you see that Coldplay is guesting the Roskilde Festival this year? Freakylicious! 

Goodnight and sleep tight!


PERFECTION. Freja's head as a giant rose? GENIUS!

PS. Did you see the Chanel S/S couture show? Oh my god, perfection, perfection, perfection. Innovative? Not so much. But perfect? Yesyesyes! I can't stop looking at it.

I'm off for some bodytoning with the girls.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LOVE. Soo .. I've talked about this beautiful jacket before, and I've never really, as in REALLY, thought about buying it,
cause it was so expensive it wasn't even a possibility.
Basically my mom called me yesterday at school saying, something like this: "Hi darling. I'm just down at
Trois Pommes, and the Phillip Lim jacket is 70% off price. Do you still want it?". Huh?
So I went for a bagel and some ski-shopping after school with Emilia, and I later met up mommy to look at the jacket.
It was perfect! Absolutely peeerfect! I FREAK love it!

Totally a leather jacket dream come true!

Now I'm off for some "The City". I might post some more later on, but otherwise I've manymany posts I need to get my mind around.
Did you see any of the couture shows? Christian Dior & Armani? Perfection!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

CRAP. Man, oh man! I just took a well deserved glass of Coke, and before I know it, it's all over the floor.
Yes, pretty well done, no?

Well, I bought the gift, but know I've no idea as to what to do.
Any ideas?
MODELS. Daria is for sure the bomb of all bombs when it comes to models. 
I really think she's my all time fave. Such a sweet little cute squirrel!

I saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". I'm not sure I would recommend it .. probably not. But the ending was really sad/sweet-ish. Not how I would've imagined it, and not how I thought it should end. But you know blablabla.

Tonight I've another big party, so later on I'm taking a swing by Copenhagen with mama to buy a gift.


PS. Only 2 weeks 'till I leave for France!