Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LOVE. Soo .. I've talked about this beautiful jacket before, and I've never really, as in REALLY, thought about buying it,
cause it was so expensive it wasn't even a possibility.
Basically my mom called me yesterday at school saying, something like this: "Hi darling. I'm just down at
Trois Pommes, and the Phillip Lim jacket is 70% off price. Do you still want it?". Huh?
So I went for a bagel and some ski-shopping after school with Emilia, and I later met up mommy to look at the jacket.
It was perfect! Absolutely peeerfect! I FREAK love it!

Totally a leather jacket dream come true!

Now I'm off for some "The City". I might post some more later on, but otherwise I've manymany posts I need to get my mind around.
Did you see any of the couture shows? Christian Dior & Armani? Perfection!



Sara said...

I loved Armani! Givenchy had some intreseting things going on
I found Chanel rather disappoining (believe it or not) nothing out of the common way except the grey pieces worn by Elsa Sylvan and Or Maybe it's just because Elsa is SO beautiful in these creations.

Caroline said...

Yeah, Armani was great, wasn't it? I don't really know what I found THAT intriguing, but there was something!
Givenchy had some very interesting and lovely looks as well, I'll totally agree with you on that.

The picture you posted from Chanel is actually the S/S collection, and not the couture, and I agree with you on the fact that it was sort of boring-ish.
If you go to you'll find the couture-collection, and it really wowed me out of the ordinary. I think it was the hairpieces?

Thanks for your comment! I really love hearing others opinions about .. well, everything fashion related.