Saturday, July 31, 2010

PICTURES OF MY FAVORITES: D-A-D from the mini-festival I went to last week.
So pretty to watch a concert with the sun going down behind them.
I'm spending my evening reading the TeenVogue Handbook (seriously good if you're considering a carreer in fashion
or if you're just interested in getting into the minds of the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Patrick Demarchelier just to name a few)
while searching and applying for jobs.
Kinda staring to get a bit stressed with my job situation!
But one good thing has happened: I think I know which education I'm going to take:
an education called humanistic technological basic studies where I will probably go for something more specific as journalism, informatics and/or communication.
What are you all studying (if you're in that stage of your life)?
THE JULY ISSUE OF VOGUE US is one of the worst I've seen in a long time,
but this editorial starring Ewan McGreggor is quite nice albeit very American Vogue.
I really like the story, I think ..

Wellwell, I apologize for the picture storm.
Cred: Probably fgr

Friday, July 30, 2010

Want want want that headpiece!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"The bag from Chanel is called...
... Coco
The real answer is: ... 2.55
You answered: ... CC"
Am I the only one who finds it mildly ridiculous that not even major Danish magazines know the real name of the Chanel bag?
CC is not the real answer, but neither is 2.55.
To read much more about the difference between the Chanel classic flap bag and the reissure 2.55 GO HERE.
Cred: screencapped from
OH, I LOVE these Dior couture heels. Have you looked at the heel? Pure love!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

THESE ARE TWO DIFFERENT REASONS why I love Dior. Chic or sexy, I love it no matter what!

It seems I'm always looking for chic dresses like the one Jessica Alba is wearing,
but it seems they're impossible to find at a cheap price.
Let me know if you see something similar!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I WISH I WAS MORE CREATIVE, cause then I would draw pretty drawings and make amazing moodboards.
But I'm not soooo ..

I've send my Mac to get repaired, so many of the posts you'll see over the next days are pre-installed. Just so you know ..

Cred: Emsedge, Fashiontoast

Monday, July 26, 2010

I HAD AN AMAZING DAY yesterday at a mini-festival with favorite C&C and Frog.
One of the main reasons was the above dudes from D-A-D who ended an amazing day with an amazing concert.
Watch the above video and learn why they are my all time favorite band.
I've been to numerous concerts, meet'n'greet's and so on, and I will never tire.
My first concert was at the age of 8 and I've been stuck ever since.
The above song is one of my faves that I luckyly got to listen to for the first time in 5 years!
PS. The Frog bungyjumped. INSANE!
PPS. Will you please listen to the song? You won't be disappointed!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

WHAT I LOVE THE MOST about summer besides the awesome weather is all the pretty flowers.
I've just gotten a macro lens for my Canon EOS 450d and can't really figure out if I took these with the lens or just with my standard lens.
I actually think they were just taken with the standard lens which is why I really should show you some of my macro pictures soon.

Friday, July 23, 2010

IS IT JUST ME or is it mildly scary that a 4 m long snake (above) has been found here in Denmark?
I've up until this point felt very good about the fact that the only snakes we have are small ones,
but then this comes along? Where the hell did it come from?!
I LOVE THE LIGHT IN BOTH THESE PICTURES. But do tell me: does the Kirkwood's (picture 1) actually illuminate?
It would be SO rad if they did. You know, like child's shoes that does a little lightning show when the kid walks?

I really like that the colors on picture 2 are very soft and then the necklace shines. Real nice!
Cred: Tumblr, SRC783

Thursday, July 22, 2010

GIVE ME THAT! In a tanktop preferably. How cool would it be to have actually been saved by Mitch from Baywatch!
Not really realistic since he is of course just a character, but you know. Still want that shirt!

Pictured cred: Miss at la Playa
I'M EXHAUSTED from shopping today.
I've the smallest bust and combined with that the bra underwire has a tendency to hurt bad.
Therefore it is very hard to find bras that fit, and I spend the entire day searching and only found these three.
Tell me why there isn't a Victoria's Secret store in Copenhagen? I need it!

Because of my small bust I almost always buy push-up bras to create an illusion of me actually having breast,
but today I tried the above bras from Calvin Klein (creme and purple),
and found that they actually worked pretty well without any push up at all.

Additionally I got another bra from H&M and a bunch of panties from Topshop (only one pictured as you can see).

I guess you can never have a perfect body, unfortunately.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

THIS IS THE LAST PICTURE I've of my long hair. Straighten out it was of course longer,
but I decided to cut a mere 20 cm today. Woah!

Say hello to my hair - the summer edition:

It is the shortest it has been for years but oh so season appropriate.
Can't wait to let it down and let the sun take care of it!

I'm meeting up favorite C&C for lunch. CIAO!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I FOUND THESE in a folder for outfit pictures. Hmm? Wish it was me, but sadly no.

I'm home from the vacation house and survived my first job interview that went .. well .. bad. Whatever!
But spend some time with D afterwards and ate a yummy icecream. Couldn't understand why I felt so sick - headache and nauseous,
until it occurred to me that I had only eaten a quarter of a bun the entire day. Woops!
Went and got some food, looked down at myself and noticed my outfit:
Light pink-ish shoes, blue shorts, turquoise top and light pink-ish cardigan.
That, folks, is what no food can do to your brain!

Just looked at the H&M-summer-collection-video-ad on youtube and felt my bikini body isn't really where it should be.
Have just done God knows how many toning exercises on my floor - am now sweaty and with major pains in my legs.
Maybe I should try doing these exercises everyday?

Feel a bit like Bridget Jones writing a post like this, which reminds me I really want to watch that movie. Maybe now?

Picture cred: Fashiongonerogue

Sunday, July 18, 2010

OH, OH, OH, Gisele is the bomb! Plus I love these pictures - the softness, the colors.

I'm leaving for favorite C&C's vacation house in a matter of hours and won't return until Tuesday.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

WE'RE AT A POINT NOW where I have 7 bikinis that I actually wear. But if I didn't and was bikini-hunting,
I would track these down. Actually that one on the right? GIVE ME THAT!
Does anyone know where it is from?

I've send 8 job applications and today I got my first job interview. Only problem is: the interview is in English.
I am well aware that I scored an A+ in my oral English exam, but I'm still uncertain about my English.
Wish me luck on Tuesday - I really need a job!

Picture cred: Probably Fashiongonerogue

Friday, July 16, 2010

I WENT AND HAD DINNER with my father and brother in their golf club yesterday.
On my way there I got lost oh so bad, and it was pure luck I found it anyway.

I wore this:
Top from Lovechild*
Jeans from Topshop
Shoes from .. I don't remember, but they do look like a pair of Lanvin's, no?

* I will have to take another picture of this top soon. It has a really cute back.
The reason why it is so big is that it's a size 42! I bought the last one on sale, cause I had to have it despite the size.

Today I'm planning on a trip to the beach, but we'll see.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'VE BEEN OUTSIDE ALL DAY with friends wearing this:
Top from Samsøe&Samsøe
Shorts from Matthew Williamson for H&M

It seems I'm having this uniform of a pair of shorts and a top these days, but that is really all I want to wear in this warm weather.

Christ, I look so tanned. That is probably just my camera setting as opposed to me really being really tanned,
though I would really like having a skin color like this.

I'm heading out for dinner with the fam in just a sec, so I'll probably tune in with an outfit pic later or tomorrow. SEE YOU!
I LOVE THIS CAMPAIGN for D&G fall 2010. I wish more editorials would use some of these items.
I would love a campaign centered about skiing - it has probably been done a thousand times before,
but with this collection it is so fitting.

Was I the only one feeling a bit emotional while watching the The Hills finale?
The Kristin/Brody almost made me cry, but that might just be because I'm really tired.
Christ, I'm so sad and emotional sometimes.

Today I'm heading to the beach - if the sun decides to reappear.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

IF MY BODY was to magically transform to Catherine McNeil's, I would never get my hands down.
But if you (God, or whoever) could at least give me her breasts* I would still be very very happy.

*Excuse me but that girl has seriously pretty breasts, and I would like myself a pair.
But just getting out of the 32AA would be nice.

Picture cred: Paris Vogue, probably from Fashiongonerogue