Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I FOUND THESE in a folder for outfit pictures. Hmm? Wish it was me, but sadly no.

I'm home from the vacation house and survived my first job interview that went .. well .. bad. Whatever!
But spend some time with D afterwards and ate a yummy icecream. Couldn't understand why I felt so sick - headache and nauseous,
until it occurred to me that I had only eaten a quarter of a bun the entire day. Woops!
Went and got some food, looked down at myself and noticed my outfit:
Light pink-ish shoes, blue shorts, turquoise top and light pink-ish cardigan.
That, folks, is what no food can do to your brain!

Just looked at the H&M-summer-collection-video-ad on youtube and felt my bikini body isn't really where it should be.
Have just done God knows how many toning exercises on my floor - am now sweaty and with major pains in my legs.
Maybe I should try doing these exercises everyday?

Feel a bit like Bridget Jones writing a post like this, which reminds me I really want to watch that movie. Maybe now?

Picture cred: Fashiongonerogue

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