Monday, December 31, 2012

I HOPE you will all have an amazing new years eve with people you care about. I sure hope I will.

Here is the rest of what happened in my year 2012:
I went to Greece with two of my best friends and the post including the bikini photo was my most commented this year.

I went to Chicago to visit amazing friends.

I went to a Coldplay concert.
And intesified my training.

My brother turned 24 and I wore the above outfit for a celebratory dinner.
I spend a lot of time at a coffee place nearby drinking iced tea. I habit I couldn't get rid off after returning from the US.

I went to Malmø with some of my best friends and ate at delicious Vapiano.
The weather started getting really cold so I looked back on beautiful summer days in Italy.
I went to a concert with the danish band Saybia in this cool venue.

I dreamed I was back in Italy that I had visited in August.

The first snow fell and I loved the view from my window.
I found my christmas spirit by looking at all the christmas decorations nearby.

That was it for this year. I hope the next will be the best ever.
I wish for you also a perfect 2013 and that you will achieve all your goals and dreams.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

THE YEAR of 2012 has been so amazing and at the same time one of the worst ever.
Here's a little review of what happened in my life from January to May.

I went to Hong Kong with my family to visit my aunt after my exams.

I showed you the beautiful Christian Louboutin pumps I had gotten from my mother months earlier.
I saw a beautiful exhibition called "Northern Women in Chanel".
I loved the sight from my window.

I showed you another new shoe buy from Lanvin.
And I went and visited a dear friend who lived in Paris for a while.

March was one of the worst hectic months of my life. My brother was assaulted randomly on the street, and I spend much of the month worrying about his physically and mental health.
I went and saw a beautiful ballet.
And I started taking my training seriously after working with a physiotherapist, who told me that my body really needed work. I am naturally very tense in my body, and I really had to work on trying to relax, especially my back and shoulder area. After almost a year of semi-extensive training, I feel like I have a whole new body!


I showed you a new bathing suit that I had trouble styling.
And a new pair of shorts that I found a bit too short. 
And I spend a lot of time with my study group. One of the girls made awesome brainstorms.

That was it for now. Next part will be up tomorrow.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

1. I went to Berlin with my parents and ate lunch at delicious Vapiano, 2. I ate lunch at The Royal Café with my mama (my favorite café in Copenhagen, you guys!), 3. I went for a hungover filled walk with my friend D, and we came across this cutely decorated statue, 4. I started christmas eve day with The Notebook, 5. I went to church on christmas eve day with my family. We quickly realized that we had attended the children's ceremony. That was interesting..., 5. Christmas tree!, 6. New sneaks from my aunt in Hong Kong, 7. New shellac nails.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

AH, back when the leaves were still on the trees.
Damn you, winter!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

WOAH, you definitely need a day off in between christmas celebrations.
Yesterday evening was lovely with my family, great food and loads of gifts.
Today pure relaxation before more food and people tomorrow.

I am hoping that you are having an amazing time with your loved ones.


Monday, December 24, 2012

I WANT TO wish you all a very merry christmas!
I hope you get to spend this day with the people you love.
Above and below I present to you some of my favorite christmas songs,
unless you've already had enough of that.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

IT HAS BEEN a while since I last did a little Insta round up.
Since I've been caught up in a giant school project the last few months, I have done next to nothing.

I had a night out where some dude decided to buy 100 nasty shots. Who's in? Not me...
I went for lunch at the newly opened Tisvilde Bistro in Hellerup
I laughed at the New Years bras at H&M. Have you seen the amount of push-up? Crazy.
I went for lunch with my parents somewhere up north.
The christmas decorations at my old town were beautiful.
The snow came and went, but the little we got looked beautiful and christmas-y.
A caught a beautiful sunrise on my way to the bus.
I ate a healthy and delicious lunch consisting of edamame beans, avocado, mushrooms and parma ham.
And I went for a little cake selection at Krummen & Kagen with D.

I handed in a giant school project on Wednesday, and this little christmas vacation feels amazing.
Tomorrow I am heading for my 6th and final trip this year. Berlin, here I come!