Sunday, December 30, 2012

THE YEAR of 2012 has been so amazing and at the same time one of the worst ever.
Here's a little review of what happened in my life from January to May.

I went to Hong Kong with my family to visit my aunt after my exams.

I showed you the beautiful Christian Louboutin pumps I had gotten from my mother months earlier.
I saw a beautiful exhibition called "Northern Women in Chanel".
I loved the sight from my window.

I showed you another new shoe buy from Lanvin.
And I went and visited a dear friend who lived in Paris for a while.

March was one of the worst hectic months of my life. My brother was assaulted randomly on the street, and I spend much of the month worrying about his physically and mental health.
I went and saw a beautiful ballet.
And I started taking my training seriously after working with a physiotherapist, who told me that my body really needed work. I am naturally very tense in my body, and I really had to work on trying to relax, especially my back and shoulder area. After almost a year of semi-extensive training, I feel like I have a whole new body!


I showed you a new bathing suit that I had trouble styling.
And a new pair of shorts that I found a bit too short. 
And I spend a lot of time with my study group. One of the girls made awesome brainstorms.

That was it for now. Next part will be up tomorrow.

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