Saturday, October 31, 2009

BOW. Yeah, I got my haircut yesterday, but instead of 15 cm I only ended up getting 6 cut off,
which I kinda regret now. Anyways - I asked them to make my hair like a bow, just like Lady Gaga's.
I actually brought that picture to show them, and the above picture is the result .. after about 12 hours!!!!
Isn't it insane how long it could last? But obviously it looked better when it was new and fresh.
Besides the haircut I also got highlights, and I'm loving the result. Plus she straightened out my hair as you can see.

More pictures, plus a sorta outfit picture:
On the pictures I'm wearing: Christopher Kane for Topshop dress, random scarf and Zara cardi.
I had just come in from the minus degrees outside, so pardon the mess.


PS. That Julian Casablancas song (who is by the way the frontsinger in The Strokes) is like insane awesome.
It has the classic The Strokes vibe, but without some of the rock. I really love it,
and it's so nice to hear his voice again.
LAFAYETTE. Such a beautiful department store in the heart of Paris.

Prom was so-so yesterday, which was semi-sad.
Anyways - my hair was AWESOME. You'll see pictures later.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

BLACK/WHITE. Hi guys. How are you doing?
Having the day off today was AWESOME. I took a long bath in the bathtub with amazing products from Paris,
and then I met D for lunch. Though I wasn't exactly wearing the above. I don't think I'll ever wear my mother's jacket outside.

Instead I wore what I had underneath, which was this:
Though when I had to swing by Copenhagen to look for a cardi, I had to change,
cause I was freezing insane.

Wearing: CHANEL jacket, Fatkid's dresstank, dresstank from Mads Nørgaard, skirt from AA.

I'm getting my hair chopped off tomorrow. I'm thinking 15 cm?
Anyways - bedtime. SEE YOU.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NATALIA. This girl is SUCH A BABE!! Plus I'm really happy to see Hedi Slimane doing something in colors for a change.

I'm thinking about re-doing my header. I don't suppose any of you want to it for me,
so it will probably be .. uhm .. crap. Anyways - everything is better than the one I have now.

I was just now reminded of the Red Hot Chili Peppers songs that brings so good memories.
You have those songs as well?

PARIS. The third picture I post so that you can see the totally RAD Prada store in Paris.
I mean, seriously, the paint on the building look pretty real from far away,
and the store just got even better inside, even though I was NOT into Prada's F/W collection.

I survived my psychology test, and was of at 1. Weepee!
I've watched "The Secret Life of Bees" which was insane good.
I just never approve when Paul Bettany plays evil characters,
and I can never help but always feel sympathy for whoever he plays. DUDE, he's so cute!


PS. Take a listen to that Travis song.
You know when you hear a song, and you're like "damn, it reminds me of something?"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SONG OF THE DAY: Dizzy Mizz Lizzy - Glory
MUSINGS. All sorts of different pictures I've piled up.
That dress bed is like OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING. I wonder if it's possible to do one myself?

Today is like a manic tuesday. Total madness.
I got of at 4 PM. Seriously, it's almost dark outside at that point. How depressing is that?
And then home to study for psychology test tomorrow, which I'm totally going to fail,
because I suck at studying. Soon dinner, and then I'm finishing an english essay.
BUT - after tomorrow it's looking kinda light ahead.
Thursday I'm taking a day off, because I only have 2 hours in school and feel like being a little bit rebel.
And then friday school from 9:30 (cause I'm skipping gym class) to 12 with amazing stuff such as CAKECONTEST!!
And then the hairdresser and then PROM. Enough with the "and then"'s, but prom, you guys! Awesome stuff.

OKAY, I'M RAMBLING. Take a serious listen to some of the best music Denmark has to offer.
Like .. instead of reading my bullshit, right?


Monday, October 26, 2009

IN CONCERT. I'm missing a special concert with these dudes because of a birthday party,
so I'll just have to rely on the memories.

I'm slacking so much with the homework at the moment.
But seriously, who wants to do homework when you get home at 5 PM!!?? Crazy stuff.
Plus I have a ridiculous psychology test on Wednesday I've study madly for.
I freaking hate school at the moment. I want vacation NOW.
Next year at this moment I'm working and planning my trip to Paris. With no schoolwork! Yeah.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

A CHARMING MAN. Dude, isn't Eddie like the freaking hottest kid on the planet?

Today I'm going to the movies with S when I eventually get home from the vacation house.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

MUSE. It's really rare nowadays that I see pictures of Natasha I like. I just love how soft she looks on this pic.

I'm in the vacation house with the parents today. Just cozying up with some family,
and some english (wupi, right?).
I've had George Michael - Faith on repeat the last few days. Awesome song that makes me a major smile.

Back to english. City of Glass by Paul Auster anyone?

Credit: Natasha Poly for Muse Magazine, Fashiongonerouge
UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. So here you have it. Lots of rambling and irrelevant stuff about me.
Read it if you want so, otherwise .. yeah. And if you have other questions, feel free to ask away.

Have you ever seen someone you knew and purposely avoided them?
- I do that a lot, actually. No just kidding, but seriously when I meet someone I can’t stand, I really try to avoid them.
Lame, huh?

What if someone told you they wanted to be with you forever?
- Uhm.. Depends of who, I think. If it was Mathias Lauridsen.. Uhm.. Yeah!!

Could you name all fifty states?
- In which country? The US? Hell no. Could you?

What would you call your personal style?
- I don’t think that styles should have labels.

Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?
- Sure.

What’s your favourite type of music?
- British indie rock at the moment. But I’m not picky.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
- Paris.

What is your current obsession?
- Shoes.

What’s the last thing you bought?
- A pair of Loub’s.

What would you never wear?
- Hmm.. Good question. A few years ago I would probably have said Louis Vuitton and latex,
but now I’m more into the idea that everything I will not “abandon” anything until I’ve seen it.

What is your favorite brand?
- Chanel is probably my all time favourite. I’m a Chanel girl at heart.
But otherwise at the moment I’m really into 3.1 Phillip Lim.
I don’t think you’ll ever hear me go nuts over the IT-designer/brand, cause it’s always really extreme,
and I’m more of a laid back girl, when it comes to my own style.

Favorite store?
- The Billionaire’s Boysclub in New York. Though it’s a guy store, I instantly fell in love.
Pharrel’s brand Ice Cream on one floor (where there actually freaking smells on icecream)
and the most awesome stair up to the Billionaire’s Boysclub clothes.
Every dude (and chick) has to check out this store in New York.

Favorite model?
- Abbey Lee and Siri at the moment, and Gemma Ward for my all time favorite.

Friday, October 23, 2009

ZIPPER. This is my new bracelet. I bought it from, which is like danish ebay.
Anyways, I had this bracelet in mind, when I found it, but got a little disappointed when I saw Disaya's version again.
Surely the "real" bracelet that is far more expensive than my little one is the most beautiful, but I think mine works as well.
BLABLABLA, I'm rambling like a mad person. Picture credit: littleplastichorses.


PS. Tune in tomorrow where I'll answer different questions.
Some visitors wanted more personal info, and there you go.
WHICH? My mother (and me, though my mother is paying) is looking into buying a second Chanel bag.
This time she want's yet another classic piece, but this time she want's a black and bigger one.
We're talking about one of these 3 bags, and at the moment we're probably more into a large shopping bag
or a jumbo than the Coco's Caba.

I don't know when this buy will actually happen, cause the store in Denmark has zero and a INSANE long waitlist.
But we're talking about yet another trip to Paris sometime in Spring, so we'll probably buy it there.

Which do you think?

Later you'll see my new bracelet. CIAO.
QUATRE. I swear this was the very very last!
These looks are just some random looks I've saved.
I like different things about the different looks, but all in all they're all very great.
I think my faves are Just Cavalli, Derek Lam and Fendi.

All in all my favorite collections were CHANEL and Viktor & Rolf. What about yours?


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LADURÈE. The most amazing thing about Paris is the little bakeries that sell the cutest macaroons.
Ladurée was my favorite, and I think probably one of the most famous ones.
The store was amazing and the cakes are the cutest.

I had to buy some macaroons because of them, of course, but also because of the case I got them in.
This is what they look like - cute, right?
If you're in Paris promise yourself to go to 16, Rue Royale.
Magnificent store - and just for your information cakes are not the only thing they've got.
Books, body-care and chocolate, just to name a few, are also to be found.

Oh, I gotta run - my biology essay is calling my name. LOTS OF LOVE.

PS. I got a new bracelet today. I'll show it soon.
PART TROIS. If you're uninterested in my reviews, STOP READING.
I'm so in love with the fabric on the first two pictures.
I can imagine there being mixed feelings about these bounty-ish fabrics from at Prada,
but I think they're totally beautiful.
This collection look so-so on the runway, but on real life people I can imagine these looks look fab.
I'd really try to redo the layering on the first look if I can find a sheer tee.
Besides that I also really dig the shoes, from a distance anyway.
Beautfil Rodarte as always. And surely the Kirkwoods were awesome - though the pictures have been on 9 out of 10 blogs out there.
Amazing fabrics!
I always love Sonia Rykiel. Partly because the collections are stunning and partly because the models
are allowed to be cute and smile and flow .. and yeah, just be happy and cute!
The shoulder pads on the last pics are so cool - I want that shirt!
I have such mixed feelings about Stella McCartney .. always!
Cause on the one hand I often love her collections, but the other I just really can't stand her as a person,
and I'm actually not sure why.
Beautiful collection, but I'm really missing mr. Valentino, and specially his red stunning dresses.

This collection was so magnificent! Like a broken fairytale, like cinderella in a broken dress. LOVE!

I swear this was ALMOST the last.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

C'EST LA VIE. Yeah, Paris certainly was the life, but now we're back in business, and that means: HOMEWORK, and tons of them.
I've done all my homework for today and tomorrow, and then I just have the rest of a biology essay to do tomorrow,
which is kinda nice.

I just saw a few minutes of the most sad documentary, so now I need to watch some "Greek" to get my mind on other stuff.
Plus I'm insane tired, so soon sleep-time. SEE YOU!