Friday, July 31, 2009

BRUUNS BAZAR. More Carmen and Mathias for Bruuns Bazar. He's simply just mouthwatering.

I'm changing a lot on the blog at the moment, because I'm a little tired of all the old posts.
Back when it was all so random and the posts are a mess. So I'm deleting a lot of posts and changing others.
But because I don't want to lose my old posts I'm saving them on word and that takes a gazillion years.
Just don't get confused if it's sort of weird around here.

Now I'm off to a wickedly good book. CIAO.
GROW OR PAY. I'm listening to my favorite band, D-A-D right now. Take a listen to "Grow or Pay".
I could only find the live-version, but I actually think it's identical to the song I've from a very old,
but very amazing, live-album.

ANYWAYS - yesterday I did a little shopping at H&M.
And one of the things I got was a pair of suspenders in a very cool orange/pink-y color.
I got inspired by the amazing Hanelli, and I mean, that girl can do no wrong.
I think I'm gonna go for a look similar to hers, cause suspenders can easily look a bit cheap,
but pairing it with a oversized t-shirt or a pair of jeansshorts is absolutely brilliant.

I think I'm off to some lunch (smoked salmon and avocado, mhm). HEJA!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

B/P. I just attempted making white chocolate mousse, and I don't think it went well.
While it's in the fridge I'm watching "Slumdog Millionaire" with mama and pops,
but they're not as excited about it as I was and am. IT'S AWESOME.
Oh, and we watched "Atonement" as well yesterday. That's a sickeningly good movie!

Anyways - I need to clean up this mess of a blog, and delete a whole lot of old posts.
Does anyone know how to do that and still keep pictures and all?
Cause when I just copy the posts onto word the pictures don't come along.


The woman on the car

FALL. I'm really digging these ads. Specially the Missoni one starring Hanne, cause it's so refreshing and different.

Oh, yeah, I'm back. But I feel so-so right now with a bit of an headache,
so I'm in bed with "Sex & The City".

On another node - I really need your help:
I'm looking for a creative-school-thingy in Paris.
Not like a design school, but a place where you can take fashion - and photorelated courses.
I'm thinking about staying for 3 months, so it's just some courses I'm looking for.
If you know anything leave me a comment or send me a mail (


Sunday, July 26, 2009

SUNDOWN. I'm going to be gone over the next couple of days doing whatever in
my favorite C&C's summercottage.
I'll only bring what's necessary, and that means no computer and no blogging.
Butbutbut - I'll be back again around thursday.

I've just had the worst cop of chai latte, which I obviously made myself, hence the awfulness,
and am now in the middle of uploading tons of new CD's to my iTunes-library.
Everything from Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones to Beatles and John Lennon
to Queens of the Stoneage to Dear and Travis. Yeah, you get the picture, basically everything.
You might ask why? Simply because I'm going to spend a 2 hours bus and 1 hour train ride
with the only company being myself. Man, I hope I won't die of boredom.

Anyways - I don't know what I'm up to know. Some tFS surfing or more "Sex & The City"-marathon.
I'm in my bed now and it might not take forever until I go to sleep, cause I need to catch the bus at 9:30 tomorrow.

P&P. These are quite old now actually, but I got so excited when I saw these flowers and the rose
in the garden when I left for the vacation house, that I practically jumped out the car to run and snap some pictures.
They're non photoshopped, and I like the outcome anyway.

VANITY FAIR. OK, I'm not a "Twilight" fan. But this picture of Kristen Stewart from Vanity Fair is absolutely gorgeous.

My parents are having some friends over for lunch in just a second. LATER.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Credit: and
YOOX. My mum send me on a little YOOX-surfing the other day for these Chloé boots she has been lusting
since last winter when they accidently got sold before she got her hands on them.
I clicked through numerous pages without any interest, until I today realized that I had been looking the wrong place.
I had been looking at the S/S items instead of the winter ones, and man, did a new world open to me.

I found these ^ amazingamazing Viktor&Rolf booties from the F/W 08 "NO"-collection, that I absolutely adored.
If the red color is a little hefty for you, you can also get both a minty-green or a bordeaux color:

But since I would seriously never wear these as much as they deserve,
I've found some other pieces I'm considering .. a lot:
1. The Givenchy boots I would've nearly killed for last winter. Check!
2. The Prada booties I spend half a year searching and searching for after seeing them in a store in Italy.
And when I did found them, they costed 600$, and I was like .. "No thanks!".
I mean, it's not like the price is so much better now, but it's a pretty decent price now. Check!
3. Well, just a really great pair of classic Louboutin's with a twist, that I would so get if I wasn't a 36. Check!