Monday, February 25, 2013

DOENS'T all of these covers make you kind of happy? There is something about great covers that is just so great. Just look at the first four. It might be the summer-vibes and light colors, but it makes me feel all 'aaah'.

I actually can't remember when they're all from. The Gisele one is from around July 2012, so an oldy but goody, that is really appropriate right now since I am heading for an exotic destination with hotter weather in a few weeks time.

Today I've had a very short day at work. Now I am studying at home while listening to Local Natives and waiting for a work call. Later a Bodyflow session (soooo good!!) and dinner with friends are on my schedule.

Credit: probably fashiongonerogue

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I COULDT REALLY use a bit of this right now - hanging out on a boat in the sun with an ice cold coke in Egypt.

But since that is not on my to-do-list today, instead I will appreciate a day off. I've slept in, made bananapancakes and now I am in my bed with TV. Later I'm heading to the gym and tonight I'm going for dinner with my girls. All in all an a-okay day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IT HAS BEEN a while since I last did an Instagram round-up. Someone asked me a while back if I could give out my insta, so you guys could follow me there. I would love to, really, but it is my private instagram for my friends and family, so my answer would be: not right now.
What you can get is these little round-ups, so: this is what have been happening on my insta the last few months.

1. I've been to The Royal Café in Copenhagen with my mama. We honestly go there a lot, a lot. 2. Lunch at Zoo Bar, also in Copenhagen, with my parents. 3. I have friends that know me so well - when I went out with some of ma girls one of them had bought me this, because she knows how much I love colored drinks. 4. Exam reading, coffee and coke.
5. Another night out with frozen cider. 6. Sushi, yum! 7. Ah, Egypt, could go back right now! 8. The awesome Geri Hirsch of Because I'm Addicted posted this yoga pose, and my goal is to do it some day! 
9. More sushi. I could honestly eat sushi all day. 10. Me as a baby. Swag as hell, no?


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

THE MOST EXITING thing we did in Egypt was by far going snorkeling. After spending a few hours at the beautiful Gifton Island, we did some snorkeling around a big reef. These pictures are not doing the experience any justice. The two gals on the first picture went diving. I was terrified just looking at them, so I will just lie there on the top looking down. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

I WAS FINALLY inspired to do a real outfit post on a real camera. Though it is far more easy doing it on Photobooth, right? The quality is shit, but you are able to see the outcome, so you don't end up with pictures sans feet.

Speaking of feet, I am really digging these sneaks I got from my aunt and uncle all the way from Hong Kong. I debated buying them in a peachy color in January last year and had been thinking about them ever since.

I am wearing:
Second Female sweater, Topshop jeans, Nike sneaks and Stella McCartney scarf.

I have been to school all day. Real tough after way too few hours of sleep. In a little while I am going for sushi with my fam.

PS. I felt so street taking these pictures, that I was constantly singing Clique by Kanye West in my head. so pathetic! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

THE COUTURE f/w 12 season was truly horrible. I managed to find two looks that I loved, both from Christian  Dior.

And while I love the above looks, and I truly do, something is missing. I have not lived long enough to have experienced a Dior without John Galliano before now and to be honest I do not like it. 
Since I first started getting really into fashion in my teen years I have had two real icon - Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano. So it really saddened me to see John Galliano's breakdown. I actually saw him in Le Marais in Paris a year ago. I was so starstruck I didn't know what to do, and I left the "scene" feeling to sad, because that man was not how I had seen him on the catwalk for Christian Dior and his own label and in interviews. What I saw was a man beat down by life. 
Anyhow - Dior will for me never be the same without Galliano. With him disappeared all remains of fairytale from Christian Dior. Sadly.. Hopefully we will see him designing soon. I truly hope so!
AH, look at the beautiful Gifton Island not far from Hurghada in Egypt. I could very well spend a few more hours there, but as for now Denmark, below 0 degrees, school and work is what I have in my calendar the next few weeks. But come March I have a trip planned with my family that I am so exited about it's sick!

Today was spend with a dear friend and my gym. Fun stuff! Tomorrow vacation is over and school is yet again calling my name. 


Saturday, February 2, 2013

IN EGYPT we went far into the desert and visited a small beduin village. Definitely an experience worth trying.

Today I've been to hangover brunch with my daddy and in a little while I am meeting my best friends for dinner.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I AM home, homies! To be frank I have been home for almost a week now, but I have been oh so busy.
Anyways - my one week in Egypt was fantastic. I have had the most awesome experiences and met some super nice people. Not to mention the weather. Ah, summer, how I've missed you! 
I will post more pictures over the next few days, cause now I need to make dinner and rest my head, that is super painful right now. Annoying!