Monday, February 4, 2013

I WAS FINALLY inspired to do a real outfit post on a real camera. Though it is far more easy doing it on Photobooth, right? The quality is shit, but you are able to see the outcome, so you don't end up with pictures sans feet.

Speaking of feet, I am really digging these sneaks I got from my aunt and uncle all the way from Hong Kong. I debated buying them in a peachy color in January last year and had been thinking about them ever since.

I am wearing:
Second Female sweater, Topshop jeans, Nike sneaks and Stella McCartney scarf.

I have been to school all day. Real tough after way too few hours of sleep. In a little while I am going for sushi with my fam.

PS. I felt so street taking these pictures, that I was constantly singing Clique by Kanye West in my head. so pathetic! 

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