Sunday, March 31, 2013

I AM really digging this Preen look worn by Diane Kruger. I am almost always loving what she is wearing - a true style icon in my opinion!

Today I have a mild hangover after a crazy night out yesterday, where I didn't land in my bed until 6 in the morning, but no time for that as I will spend my day partly studying.

Monday, March 25, 2013

ON A COLD, although very sunny, day in Copenhagen, I find it fitting to show you some more pictures from stunning and warm Mauritius. 
The Heritage Telfair Resort was truly beautiful. I could very well spend another week there. And the fruit? I mean, I pretty much die inside when I eat pineapple in Denmark. 

Today I had a very short workday, followed by a coffee date with my dear mother, and now I am studying. No easter break just yet. But later I am meeting some of my oldest friends for sushi. Not too bad for a Monday, I'd say.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

HERE IS a litle glimt of what has been happening in my life as of late via instagram:

1. I've been working and felt very creative when I created a smart calendar in Excel. 2. My grandma fell and hit her hip, so when she returned at home after a few days at the hospital, I visited her with a post Valentine's Day cake. 
3. My favorite snack as of late is vanilla skyr with bananas and crunch. I don't know if you have skyr where you live, but this yogurt is the best I've ever come across. 4. Every friday night I have my make up done for work. Christ, those lashes are crazy!
5. We had a few days of real spring in Copenhagen right before I left for my vacation. 6. The weather was so good I even had to have my door open in my room during the day. I have to tell you though that my room is pretty extreme - it's even hot in here today when the temperature outside is below 0!
7. I borrowed my mom's new bag from Reed Krakof. Beautiful, right? 8. And it matched my Coca Cola stash. Have I ever told you that I am real Coca-holic?
9. I flew towards warmer weather on Mauritius with Emirates. I am always super exited to fly long flights because of the movies selection. But I always end up being to tired to concentrate on a serious movie - on the long flights I had to take on this trip I for example ended up watching a One Direction and a Katy Perry documentary. I know, I know, but they were actually quite interesting. 10. Looook at that beach!
11. Tanning time! 12. I wish we had palm trees in Denmark!
13. We were actually on Mauritius at the end of their rain season, so we also experienced some rain, and as you may know rain in the tropics can be extreme. 14. I got addicted to Mauritian vanilla tea. Bought a stash with me back home as well, of course! I big packet for under 2$. Crazy!
15. After a trip in a nature reserve (picture at another time), my favorite Nike sneaks were so dirty, the hotel personnel offered to clean them. This was what returned to me - a sole that was way too small. 16. More beautiful beach!
17. Look at the contrast between Mauritius and where I am now. I can't believe that it is still snowing in late March! 18. Today I went to the Museum of Modern Art, Louisiana, with my dad to see an exhibition on Pop Art (pretty good if you're thinking about going) and lunch at one of my favorite restaurant, Restaurant Sletten. 

Right now I really should study before I meet up a friend for dinner. CIAO!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I KIND OF die a little looking at these pictures of the amazing beach on Mauritius.
I could easily spend an extra week on that incredible island.
If you have not yet been I highly advice to you to someday take a trip there. Besides amazing weather and beautiful beaches, the island also has amazing nature reserves. 

I stayed at the Hotel Heritage Le Telfair, and we had an incredible time there, so I can highly recommend you to check that out, if you ever think about going.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I AM HOME after an amazing vacation on stunning Mauritius.
Before I have time to look through all my pictures, I have two pictures of my favorite bikinis at the moment, both from H&M. The one in the first pic is from this season, and the second one is from last year.

Anyways, I need to rest now. I am dead tired after around 18 hours on the road and 12 hours total in two different planes. 


Friday, March 8, 2013

I LOVE these streetstyle photos. The Chanel Boy bag is on the top of my bag wishlist,
and doesn't Hanneli just look cute in her Calvin Klein outfit?

I am leaving for the airport in an hours time. SEE YOU!

Credit: Missatlaplaya, Hanneli

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

THIS, you guys, is happening over the next few months.
First things first - I am leaving for stunning Mauritius with my family on Friday to spend an amazing week there celebrating my amazing mother's 60th birthday (!!!!). 

Then in late April I have just bought tickets to return to what I would like to call my other home, Paris. I am giving my mother a weekend getaway for her birthday. 4 days spend with shopping, shopping, shopping!

Aaaaah, can't wait! This spring is BRILLIANT!

NOW: Bed!