Sunday, October 30, 2011

I JUST FOUND these pictures I took a long long time ago.
I actually totally forgot about them, but it's an photo-experiment I might try out again soon.

I'm bored right now for the first time in months. Actually I should do schoolwork, but I've been feeling that I've been stressing my body and mind overly much the last period of time, so maybe I should just try and relax.

Friday, October 28, 2011

AT THE MOMENT Taylor Tomasi Hill is my style-icon. Oh, I can look at her style choices all day long.
I wish I was just as interesting.

Therefore my new favorite tumblr is of course Taylorstyle. Go check it out - it's awesome!

I'm on my way to work. Besides working at a store, I am working at a Danish television show every friday night. Pretty exiting!
Yo, danes, can you guess which show? It's funny, is all I can say..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

ME AND THE FAM booked a trip to this lovely city a little impulsively last night.
Can you guess where it is?

Oh, I can't wait for January to come!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'M AMAZED by these backstage pictures from the Chanel S/S 12 show.
My new Mac pro is not working so well with, so I haven't seen all the shows yet,
but seeing these I am major exited to see more of the Chanel show.
The pearls down the back? I die!

Seeing these I feel like gripping my camera and start taking pictures again. Hmm .. not enough time to do that.

I am actually at a school meeting right now, so I can't sit here and chat with you all day long.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MIRANDA KERR is freaking DIVINE! I love this editorial and the styling.

Aahh, I got the answer on a very important blood test yesterday. I'm so happy!
Those of you who have been a regular visitor the last three (!!!) years (if any of you are even still here),
might remember, that my mom had a blood clot in the heart in December 2008.
It is a problem in my family and both my grandfathers died of blood clot, my mom has already had one and my aunt has problems with her arteries as well, so I'm really really happy that I'm not genetically predisposed.

Other than that I'm still stressing out badly. I hope it will be more calm in two weeks time,
but at that point I of course have new commitments.

Picture cred: Fashiongonerouge (I think)

Monday, October 17, 2011

FIRST OUTFIT post in aaageees. How about that!
I'm wearing:
H&M cardi, H&M shirt and GAP jeans.

Had my brain been fully functioning this morning when I put on my clothes, my choice of bra had probably been different. Haha!

Woah, I'm stressed out these days. I'm trying to juggle way too many things, and my body is definitely telling me to slow down.
But slow down? Phff, not enough time to do that!
On top of that I saw a person the other week that reminds me of a part of my past I'm trying hard to forget.
I see him maybe once a year and every time I feel the same emotions and every time it takes me a little while to find balance again.
DAMN YOU, past!

Anyways - I hope you're all good. I'm already longing for my winter break in 2 months time.
Before that I can look forward to a very very big school project I need to hand in in the middle of December.
It will take up most of my time from the middle of November to the middle of December. Aarrrh, stress!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BEST STREETSTYLE outfit of the S/S 11.
Oh, Taylor Tomassi, you should just go right ahead and give me that Proenza Schouler skirt. Thanks!

I've been at work all day and have gotten the meanest sty. Damn, it hurts and itches!
Otherwise I'm just watching X Factor and thinking about going to bed. CIAO!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WOAH, F/W 11 was bad! Really bad.
I only have a handful of looks. Not even a single Chanel, and with all the drama surrounding John Galliano (and Christophe Decarnin) it was just a weird fashion season.
1. Christian Dior: Saddest show of the season, most definitely. Dior will never be the same for me.
2. Erin Fetherston
3. Givenchy: One of the best shows of the season. Amazing!
4. Gucci: I'm lost for words it was so good! Sexy Gucci is back!
5. Jason Wu
7. Jonathan Saunders: Such a pretty color scheme, 8. Lanvin
9. Marchesa, 10. Mary Katrantzou

Today I have a day off. Wuuu! I got up waaaay to early to wait for a craftsman.
Today I will (hopefully) do some shopping and then go for a meeting to get help for my tinnitus.


Sunday, October 9, 2011


Crap, I've been busy the last few weeks. School, doctor appointment, bloodtest, shopping, hanging out with friends and partying.
Hence the very few posts.

I changed my layout a weeny bit. Hopefully it will help me get my inspiration back. ;)