Thursday, August 30, 2012

TODAY I am wearing Forrest&Bob top, H&M jeans and Nike roshe sneaks for chill and drinks with friends.


Monday, August 27, 2012

I AM on my way to the gym in Gap top, Nike pants and Hermès bracelets.

ANOTHER THING to do in Chicago, that I was told you just had to try, was a boat ride.
As you can see we went at night in cloudy weather, which was sadly not ideal.
But Chicago really is a beautiful city.

Today I have no plans whatsoever, which is actually kind of nice.
Right now I am in bed with an old episode of Gossip Girl.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

I LOVE these pictures of Aline Weber in Numéro.
Isn't she just a beauty?

Picture cred: prob. Fashiongonerogue
WHAT YOU SHOULD also do in Chicago is visit the Hancock Building.
Instead of going to the observatory you should definitely go to the Signature Room and lounge on the 95th and 96th floor instead. We went there for lunch since my friend is not yet 21, but I wouldn't recommend that,
so go for a drink in the lounge instead.

Now I am in the middle of watching The Dark Knight. I am doing a little Batman-marathon these days,
so I can watch The Dark Knight Rises with my dad one of these days.
Heath Ledger is absolutely amazing in The Dark Knight

Later I am going to the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen with my gran and the kids of the family.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ANOTHER THING I did in Chicago (and that I would really recommend you to do if you're ever there) was going to a Cubs baseball game. Honestly The Cubs SUCKS, but the atmosphere at a Cubs game is something very unique. 

Aah, I am really enjoying my vacation these days. I still have a few weeks to go before school starts,
and I have no idea how I will manage to go back after almost 3 months of vacation. Crayzay!

I am going to meet a friend in just a sec, so enjoy the rest of your day.

Monday, August 20, 2012

BEING IN CHICAGO was really not good for my body. I think I put on 2 kilos or something (which I have gladly already lost. Phew!). One thing is being on vacation where you eat out a lot, but the US is just crazy.
I mean, they can even find a way to make a salad unhealthy.

Anyways - one thing I love about Chicago though, was the Mexican places where you could get amazing guacamole. I think avocado and guacamole are actually my favorite things to eat.
Eating a deep dish pizza was on the other hand  an experience though not so delice. 
I couldn't really understand what the fuss was about, but obviously I had to taste the dish of the city.

NOW: Lunch.
NEXT: My dear fatkid.
LATER: Mama.


THIS PICTURE by the Sartorialist reminds me so much of the time I lived in Paris. 
I once sat at this cafe in the heart of Marais with good friends as well.
Aah, sometimes I really miss Paris life.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

IF YOU'RE FROM Chicago, you probably know about Taste of Chicago.
I didn't really fully understood what it was all about besides loooads of food and good music.
One night we went and got to see Michael Franti from backstage.
That was awesome! I am so in love with his music now.

I went out last night and had a very good time, so I didn't wake up until 1.30 today. Cray!
Anyways - vacation time is awesome! specially when it's crazy hot in Copenhagen these days.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A FEW PICTURES from beautiful Chicago, where the weather was partly really amazing, partly REALLY hot and partly really crazy with thunderstorms coming and going.

I am now home after my third and final trip this year, and it feels goooood. CIAO!