Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BRAZIL. It has been a good day today. I passed the test. Woopwoop!!
Afterwards I went to Copenhagen to exchange some gifts and do some shopping,
but seriously, it was SO hot. I say SO hot when it was 30 degrees .. Imagine 37 on Sardinia. I'm going to die!!!
Then I saw a very beautiful boy that I haven't seen for over a year. Yum!

Later I'm going out to dinner with the pops and the brow, but suddenly the weather has changed,
and we're now experiencing thunder. Great!
A shoutout to all my girls at the Roskilde Festival. Please survive in your small tents. See you soon!


TAKE ME TO THE WOODS. CHANEL is really wowing me lately. Though .. I'm not sure I can see the collection
in the ad, but anyways. The clothes look absolutely stunning, and I want to go out and buy a CHANEL jacket so bad.

I'm dying with nerves. CATCH UP WITH YOU LATER.

Monday, June 29, 2009

COFFETABLEBOOKS. I'm so into coffetablebooks it's insane.
Over the last 2 years I've gotten myself a pretty amazing collection,
if I must say so myself. This is a look into the collection, with the absolute best:


Mary-Kate & Ashley's "Influence"-book, that I actually haven't really had the time to dig into yet,
and "The Fashion questionnaire" with questions to all the amazing designers out there.
The "CHANEL - Collections and creations" is so beautiful. I so want to have my hair like this.

One of the first I got, though, was this "Gucci BY GUCCI: 85 years of Gucci"-book.
It's really one of the most amazing book I've ever looked in. 


Tim Walker always amazes me with his picture, so my book collection wouldn't be complete without "Tim Walker - Pictures".
The first "coffetablebook" I got was the "Mario Testino - LET ME IN!", 
and I actually bought it in the booksection of the Armani flagship store in Milano. A seriously great store for men!
The "FRONT ROW MARIO TESTINO"-book is not quite as good, but there's some pretty interesting pictures in there as well.

3. MUSIC. 

The "Rolling Stones: Images of rock & roll" has such great rock images!


It wasn't until recently I realized how amazing naturerelated books are. 
The "100 places to remember before they disappear" book is SO great. You'll definitely find some places you just HAVE to visit.
And furthermore I really realized how amazing the world is.
And "Visions of paradise" is very good as well considering the low price.

If you're from Denmark it's definitely a great idea to buy all your books 
(definitely the hardcover ones like these) over amazon.co.uk, cause it's SO MUCH cheaper.
Let's just take the Tim Walker book: Some places in Denmark it costs up to 170 pounds,
whereas you can get it for 52 pounds (including sending). Pretty insane, right?

Anyways - I'm off for some more studying. And later it's dinner at my brother's with the family.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

1. Balenciaga - Pretty, pretty love this. I'm pretty hooked on the amazing purple-ish floral pattern.

2. Ellie Tahari - I'm still hunting the perfect black dress. Seems like freaking impossible. 

3. Gucci - I've talked about the curse of Gucci before, and this time was no exception.
It kind of puzzled me that the babydoll dress is back, but I think I like it.

4. Jonathan Saunders - I like the idea of a simple black dress with a big scarf, so the scarf kinda takes the spotlight. 
5. Lanvin - Who knew Alber could go all street? Love it!

6. Louis Vuitton - The sheer effect in the end of the dress is kinda wicket.
7. Marc Jaccobs - Everyone seems to be inspired by Chanel nowadays, but I like it nonetheless.

8. Marchesa - Beautiful color!

9. Matthew Williamson - I really like that you can see that Matthew W. designed the H&M collection.
The jacket on the 2nd picture looks like the leather and cowboy jacket from the H&M collections,
and the turquoise skirt is actually quite similar to the skirt from the collection as well.

10. Moschino - Laid back and beautiful.

11. Oscar de la Renta - Love it!
12. Preen - Laid back and beautiful. x2

13. Rachel Roy - Love that two totally different patterns work so great together.

14. Richard Chai - Great pattern!

15. Roberto Cavalli - Please tell me that pastel colors are coming back instead of those awful neon ones!

This was the rest of the resort pictures. 

HUH?. This came as a shock for me, guys. I actually (!!) like this ad for Louis Vuitton starring Madonna.
Madonna is my favorite celebrity to hate. Not only do I hate her music, she also dresses like crap
and is not at all aware of what to wear when you've passed 50. Not a good combi, I tell you.
I guess the extreme photoshopping did tricks with her this time, and well, I actually quite like the whole setup. 

Okay, I'm off again. I'm out in the sun, and it's going so-so with the drivers license study-stuff.
I'm so ready for tuesday. BRING IT ON!
AND GOD CREATED WOMEN. This ed from Vogue Australia July 2009 starring Abbey Lee is so cute.
She's really something ..

Anyways - today I need to study for my theory drivers license test. BORING!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

SNACKS. Every now and then I go through Models.com's ranking of the 50 top models.
Of course the list is packed with eyecandy, but this time was really rather sad, seeing that my fave
(and by the way, one of the most gorgeous men in the entire world), Mathias Lauridsen (click, click)
 was down at number 10 (!!!) and that Eddie Klint (click) was pretty far down as well.
Plus that shitface (sorry) Babtiste was now number 1. Karl may know how to design clothes,
but he has the most horrible taste in male models. Brad Koenig? Really? Is that the best you can do?

Anyways - As I went through the list (and clicking through numerous other pages) I found the hunks,
and I just though that I just might share them with you.

Let's just start out with the hottie, Jamie Dornan. He just ooze sex, and is drop dead gorgeous.

But these two: Laurent Albucher and Clark Mellon is pretty okay as well. As in "oh my god, I think I'm going to faint".
Plus Clark Mellon really does look like someone my mother would ADORE. Uh, and the charm .. THE charm.