Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN! Damn you, Sarah Jessica Parker!
Thanks to you I simply had to buy this amazing and expensive Halston Heritage dress.

I tried it on today in the hopes that it would suck on me, but sadly(/gladly) it was just as amazing as I thought,
and therefore I spent too much on it.
And I just found it 200 $ cheaper online. But with tax and delivery and all, it's almost the same.
Now I just need THIS, oh, and maybe the orange one, but then I'm done. Sorta.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I LOVE this S/S 11 Alberta Ferretti campaign. So pretty!

NOW: Sex & the City 2. Besides the fact that I REALLY want a Halston Heritage dress and that Carrie's bitchiness annoys the hell out of me,
oh, and that the wardrobe is insane (in a not so good way), it's quite a good movie. Yes, I DO think that.
But let me say this: I've never met a dane named Rikard Spirit. SO not a Danish name.
MY SUNDAY in pictures. Picasso and Walton Ford (pictures 1+2), view over the frozen sea
and the rest of a homemade (by me) raspberry pie.

If you've never visited the museum Louisiana, I highly recommend you a visit. Always awesome exhibitions and the area around the museum is so beautiful. I am a member and frequent visitor. Love it!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I TOOK THESE pictures in the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen two months ago.
I think I've had my camera in my hands maybe two times since then.. Hmm..

These pictures represent one of the worst christmases in my life. It wasn't necessarily bad, it just never really happened for me.
I worked all week long with only Tuesday off and most days from 10 AM to 8.30 PM.
Christmas was exhausting in 2010, so let's hope that 2011 will be more chill.
How was your christmas? Feels a little weird asking that question in the middle of February.

Anyways - today I've been to the gym (yay for me) and to the museum Louisiana with daddy.
Oooh, and I cleaned out my closet. Want some free clothes? :)
Now: American Top 40. Almost a little embarrassed about that one.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I WENT to the most amazing place with my parents today. It was the most ginormous antique furniture store,
with SO many amazing antique chairs, table, beds and so on.
If I was a millionaire I would decorate my future house with lots of furniture from that place.
But was (for a fashion lover like me) even more amazing was these aaaaah-mazing vintage Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton bags and suitcases. There was even a table made of a vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase. I died, though the price was something like 5000$!!

I am not into new Louis Vuitton bags - specially because I can't stand the fact that most of the bag (if we talk the monogram bags) is made of plastic of some sort. But seriously I SWOOON over the vintage ones. Specially the ones with initials. So amazing!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I WORE THIS on my day off today:
H&M cardi and blouse, Topshop jeans and Chanel bag

I seems my days off go by in a blink of an eye, even though I actually manage to do a lot of things.
Today for example where I went to the optician, had lunch with mama, went shopping and to the movies with my grandma,
plus I skyped with D for one and a half hours. Maybe that's why the day goes by too fast.

I by the way only have 31 days left at my job, and Paris calls my name. Wuha!

MY FAVORITE STORE in Paris is Ladurée (my fave is the one on 21 rue Bonaparte).
Everytime I'm there I buy their macaroons in the hope that they'll suddenly become my favorite thing to eat,
but sadly it never happens.
I actually can't find out if I really like macaroons, and I have an almost full (and very expensive) box sitting on my bedside table from last November. How long can they last? Hmm..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

THE WINDOW DISPLAYS in the Chanel store on Rue Cambon in Paris (where I bought my faaavorite bag).
We asked in the store whether it was possible to buy a little doll, but unfortunately not..
Also how amazing is my bag in the beige/brown-color?

Weekends off work are my favorite thing, but unfortunately that wasn't the case this weekend,
but Sundays off work has to be the next best thing.
I went to a museum and had cake and cocoa afterwards with my parents. That's how I like it!

Monday, February 7, 2011

THE MOSCHINO HOTEL in Milan is a must-visit for me. Just look at these amazing pictures.
I've drooled over a dress bed before, and it looks like I've found the geniuses behind said bed.

I highly recommend you visit their website and watch THIS lovely video.

I've felt very bad the last few days. Yesterday a weird stomachache followed by a fever in the night,
and a back ache so enormous I could hardly stand straight at work today.
I hope you're all feeling better!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

HAVE YOU SEEN this aaaamazing S/S 11 Mulberry campaign shot by Tim Walker (but of course).
This is the best I've seen from him in ages, and I can already say that this will rank top on my 2011-list next year-
I can't stop looking at them they're so amazing.

I have the weekend off. I think I must've really needed a day or 2 off since I almost broke a nose and a foot yesterday.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SONG OF THE DAY: Aerosmith - Dream On
AS SPRING IS SLOWLY approaching I found it fitting to show you my favorite looks from the S/S 11 shows.
Which shows did you love?
ALBERTA FERETTI - How amazing are these looks? I wanna try the sheer long skirt with the knit so bad!
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN - Loved this collection! I think Sarah Burton did a great job following in Lee's footstep.
CHANEL - I am not fond of Brad Koenig, but how cute is the outfit with him and the little dude?
DOLCE & GABBANA - I've gotten this new found love for Dolce.
HAIDER ACKERMANN - One of my absolute favorite collections of the season. GENIUS!
JIL SANDER - Ooooh, the colors in this collection was outstanding.
LELA ROSE - I have a thing for these colors.
MARY KATRANTZOU - How cool is this collection? Weirdly one of my favorite collections of the season.
VIVIENNE WESTWOOD - Give me those dresses. PRONTO!