Thursday, April 30, 2009

YOUNG & IN LOVE. I'm lost for words these days, hence the very wordless pre-installed posts
this blog is spitting out to the world these days. 

I'm exhausted today. We had a high school get-to-getter thing we call café-evening/night,
and yesterday it was the gala edition. I didn't get to bed that late, but with some alcohol in the blood,
getting up at 7 isn't really a good idea. So amazing Wednesday with sort-of-hangovers. 
But kind of funny to look at all these people walking around like zombies. 

Then I met mommy in Copenhagen for some outlet-thing, but I didn't buy anything.
Only a Matthew Williamson for H&M in a size smaller than originally bought. Pictures to come. and a tee.
And then I got picked up by my best C&C for some icecream. Love!

I've seen 3 (!!) model-shows in TV today. Awesomely-pathetic, I know, I know.





Wednesday, April 29, 2009


CLEAR SKIES. It's so rare nowadays to see Lily Donaldson look so cute.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BUNNY. Speaking of bunnies aren't these pictures from Lous Vuitton backstage darling?
I really love the color on the ears and Siri's dress- as in OHMYGOD I need this color for summer!

I'm so tired. I think I'll head to bed. 



BUNNY. I love these pictures of Cathrine McNeil and a bunny (the hunk from "Lipstick Jungle").


Monday, April 27, 2009


MUSIC. I'm struggeling with this national geography essay and I really need to listen to some good music,
so please everyone out there 
I think I'm really in the need of something Arctic Monkeys, The Fratellis, Babyshambles, The Libertine-ish.
Any recommendations? Anyone?


MORE DASH THAN CASH. The Aldo Mauve shoe has been haunting almost every blogger out there,
and it seems it's my turn. At first I must admit it didn't really speak to me, 
until I saw the "More Dash Than Cash" ed in Vogue UK April 2009. I really like how you can take an item and make it your own.

On a sidenote Natalia Vodianova hasn't really gotten to me either, but WHAT A BODY! KILLER!!! I want pronto!!

I'm off in just a sec for some icecream with Fatkid who's having love-trouble. So sweet!
Though I really should make the rest of the national geography essay and the french essay .. and all the other stuff.


PS. I just bought this bustier/bra from Topshop today. 
I think it has been floating around all over the internet the last period of time,
but we'll see how it will transform into my wardrobe. 


JAGGER. How stunning is Georgia May Jagger in this picture? 


Sunday, April 26, 2009

WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA. Enough with the homework!! 
I should've made a whole lotta more today, but I experienced that three essays and all the other stuff as well is a bit of an overkill.
One and half essay and the other stuff will have to do for today.

It's really rare that I look at my own photographs and think they're remotely okay without even editing them,
but these I kinda like. And the whole spring-flower-feeling is really warming. 
Specially in times like these where I'm stressing over CRAPPYCRAPPY end of the year exams.

I'm watching "Australia" now. Nicole Kidman is hilarious in the beginning,
and I seriously want to visit Australia someday. Such a beautiful country!


ESSAYS. OH MY GAAARH, I'm literally dying over this crappy natural geography essay to hand in on Wednesday,
and since I'm finishing this course this summer it's the most important essay of the year.
For craps sake!!

The driving went .. okay. 

I'm off again. SEE YOU!

PS. Isn't this Tim Walker picture starring Lily Cole GORGEOUS? I love him!!
PPS. I would so like to watch Australia right now.

Easy like sunday morning

ROSE. I'm loving this picture! 
Just makes me love Chanel S/S 09 couture even more.

"The Duchess" was amazing, but so tragic. Always tragic. I want more "Pride & Prejudice".

S is coming over in 10 minutes to do some math homework,
and I miss someone .. something. Not exactly sure what. 
Good old days, I guess. I need some luck and some happiness I guess. 
A summer flirt .. Something .. anything. 



BARBIE. I've always been a Barbie girl.
What IS Bratz, anyway? BARBIE, BARBIE!
I would seriously play with Barbie if I had it in front of me. I simply just love it.
Soo .. how great are these outfits?


PS. It took me about 5 looks to discover that the dude is indeed a REAL dude,
and not Ken. Chocking!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

SINGULAR SENSATION. I went to my high school party yesterday and danced a whole lot. 
Today I've been out driving with my best C&C. And later on I'm going to the movies with mama to see "The Duchess".

Tomorrow I'm driving for real the first time with a teacher, and doing a whole lotta homework. 



BIKBOK S/S 09. I've never been a Bikbok girl. I can't name one item in my closet from that brand,
but this campaign makes me want to go and buy a whole lot.


Friday, April 24, 2009


FLOWERGIRL. I'm in my history class right now, so only a quick post.

How are you all doing?
I'm bored and drinking coke (SURPRISE!)
This picture is just so incredible inspiring to me. Totally stunner!

Oh yeah, I guess I need to get my focus back on history.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cause I'm always where I need to be, and I always thought I would end up with you .. eventually.

Picture credit: Fashionsquad
SWEDISH ELLE MAY 2009. Lykke Li looks ah-mazing in this ed from Swedish Elle.

Isn't it weird how you can spend money, you don't know what you spend ON?
It isn't a huge problem spending 3 euros, but what the freak is "TELECOM ITALIA CARTE". Whut?


Esprit livre

DARIA. Stuuuh-ning!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!


PS. Mama brought home a whole lot of things from Matthew Williamson for H&M.
I might show some photos later.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No, I don't care what you dress like or what you wear ..

 .. But please make sure, baby, you've got some colors in there.
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "You're a weirdo little manchild!"

..LICIOUS. I'm just going to start this by saying: OH MY GOD!
I can't think of a better pair of vintage Chanels. FREAKYLICIOUS!
The chain-thing? Goooorgeous! 

Arh, well, we might as well get one thing straight: I'm never gonna get my drivers license. 
Natual talent? I think not ..

And oh well, homework, homework and then some more homework. 
I need my summerbreak. I need to not care about my final (IN FOREVER) math test the 11th of May.
THE 11TH OF MAY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Not prepared. So not prepared. 



JUDE. In Denmark the whole celebrity-thing isn't that big,
and I'm not the kind of person who have idols, and all that jazz. 
But when mama told me this morning that Jude Law is coming to Denmark for a play,
we were both sure that we had to get tickets. And we did!
When it comes to actors I love Jude. Like LURVE him!
Man, 27th of August here I come! :D

I'm off to strawberries, Coke and "Gossip Girl".

PS. I'm a teenager, you know, so it's perfectly okay for me to sort of think Zac Efron was sort of hot 
in parts of "17 again" yesterday? I seriously found him hot. Embarrassing, much?

Monday, April 20, 2009

"The muffin is going down!"

MANIC MONDAYS. I am SO extremely tired and exhausted today. Crazy!
The dentist went fine fine, no holes, no nothing. 

Now I'm off to some quick homework, and then dinner and "17 again" with S and E. 

Ps. The days when you're the most tired often turn out to be the greatest day.
Me and D decided that our muffins (the fat girls/ladies have on their tummies) are going down, down, down. 
Pps. The weather are starting to warm up. Lovely! Though we're lacking in somewhat 5-10 degrees 
before I'll sit out and enjoy the sun. Coldblooded? Who, me?

Sunday, April 19, 2009



ALICE IN WONDERLAND. I've always wondered why there have never been made an "Alice In Wonderland"-movie ..
like with real people? I think I read something about a movie being made now, actually.
Anyways - I love this ed, though I've never been that fond of Natalia V .. whatshername. (Cause it is her, right?)

I'm off to homework and John Mayer. CIAO! 

PS. I've an appointment at the dentist tomorrow. I HATE THE DENTIST! Freaks me out every damn time!
PPS. Your body is a wonderland. Love it, much?
SONG OF THE DAY: John Mayer - Not Myself
COVER. Total different vibes in these covers, but both very beautiful.

I'm SO uninspired lately, so I'm off again.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lazy saturday

SHOEPORN. Oh my god, are you dying as much as me?
Those Loubs are CRAZY shit, but somehow I think I would look at them rather than actually using them. But they're PERFECTION.
And the Alaïa ones are OH MY GOD. I wonder how many zillions they much have costed, 
but I love them to death nonetheless. 

On a different note, something about this outfit really speaks to me .. and I don't know why .. yet.
I've a wedding coming up soon and I've no idea what to wear.
Can you find a dress like that ANYWHERE? If you've seen a look-a-like let me know.

In just about an hour I'm going to the Kings Garden in Copenhagen to take some more photos of Fatkid 1+2.


Friday, April 17, 2009


RODARTE S/S 09. I think sometimes you have to see a collection outside the catwalk-context .. like this.
Watching the Rodarte S/S 09 collection back last fall it didn't really speak to me. It was just sort of blah, though the colors were fab.
Then I found these pictures and OH MY GOD, IT'S FREAKING AMAZING!!
Do you know the feeling?

Damn it! I'm off to take a shower and do my make-up cause I've a big sweet 18 tonight.
I'm SO tired! I woke up at 6, though I didn't even need to get up before 7:30,
and then I've been in Copenhagen for a field trip with school.