Monday, May 31, 2010

ISN'T THIS LITTLE CHANEL BRACELET the cutest? My dear parents brought it home as a gift from Berlin.
Aren't they the best?

If you wondering why my skin looks a bit weird it's because of a little Dove summer glow malfunction
combined with a Chanel tat starting to wear off.

I'm watching Beverly Hills 90210 - 10 year reunion. I LOVE THAT SHOW!
I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO SEE THIS DUDE tonight, but what do you think happened?
The wanker got sick and cancelled. I'm a little disappointed, but truly hope he will put together another showcase, then.

John Mayer, my man, sickness can happen to even the best of us, but dude,
do another concert, and I will be pleased. Thanks.

What do you think it is? Wanna know? Then check back in later.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'VE BEEN VERY HESITANT ABOUT WEDGES. I still feel weird about closed wedges - like boot-wedges, or whatever.
But I'm thinking about buying one of the above. I like the white better, but I think I like the heel better on the black.
What do you think?

The black pair can be found HERE and the white pair HERE.

Kenza by the way has a pair similar to the black ones, and I'm questioning whether the heel is maybe a tad too high?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

YOU GUYS, I've created a formspring account like so many other bloggers.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I GOT THIS BIKINI home from ASOS today. It's exactly what I've been looking for,
and it costed next to nothing.

Get the top HERE and the bottoms HERE.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'M MILDLY OBSESSED ABOUT the Cherry Blossom Girl's photographs. AMAZING!
And of course, best parisian outfits ever!
Check her out HERE.

PS. I aced my oral English exam. A+, you guys. Crazy shit!
MAN, I LOVE THOSE TEES. Not that I would ever wear them, but you know.
Wait - I probably would! I can't remember where they're from but head straight over to Fashion by He,
where I found the picture.

I'm heading for my oral English exam in just a bit. 9:30 (1 hour and 20 minutes from now) is when you need to cross all you've got.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WHAT REALLY MARKS THE RETURN OF SPRING for me is flowers. I don't have any major problems with winter
as such. The cold, the snow, the wind, the rain, and all that, I can survive. What I find the worst is that all the colors
disappear - the leafs fall off the trees and the flowers wither.

This post is my way to show how happy I am about the new season (yeah, spring arrived late this year!).
I've compiled all the above pictures over a period of times, and I found it was finally time to post them.

I'm listening to The Libertines as we speak. I just got my CD back from a friend after what seems forever,
and I had totally forgotten how RAD they are!


Creds: 1 to 8: Me. 9: Terry Richardson, 10: Me, 11: Emsedge,
12 and 13: The Cherry Blossom Girl, 14: Fashionispoison (I think)
I'M FED UP WITH EXAMS after having only survived one - written Danish.
Tomorrow at 9:30 AM I've my oral English exam, and therefore I've spend all day studying poems from the romantic period
and now Macbeth by Shakespeare. The modern translation from is freaking awesome,
but it has taken me the god damn whole afternoon copying and rearranging it on Word.

Anyways - while studying for exams what I wear is sadly not highest on my list, and therefore today's outfit is really not
anything special. I just wanted to show you guys that side of myself as well.
I'm wearing: Topshop jeans and Emporio Armani shirt.

I tried making a little video of my outfit instead of a photo, but dude, did that just not work out with Imovie and stuff.
I'll try it some other time.

Macbeth is calling for me. CIAO, BABES.

PS. And a little special little thought to Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream.
Head over to her blog and wish her well!

Monday, May 24, 2010

IF YOU LIKE ME LOVED the checkered bikini from the Chanel resort 2011 collection,
you're in luck, cause they have pretty little look-a-like up on ASOS as we speak.

It is not a total rip-off (hardly even possible since the show went down like last week),
and I personally still like the Chanel one better with the cute little ruffles and the more pink-y color,
but I think the one from Miss Mandalay Gingham is a good alternative at a much nicer price.

Get the bikini top HERE and the bikini briefs HERE.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I CAN'T BELIEVE how long my hair has gotten. I got 10 cm cut off last November,
and it has already grown out.

Look at how my hair was straighten out last August HERE, and look how long it is curled!

Anyways - you notice that I have nothing else to post? Yeah, we're talking hair now.

HEY, I'm heading for the beach house in half an hour. See you!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I WORE THIS TOP from Topshop today at school,
and now I'm heading out for a party in the same top, just in a new way.

I wonder if it too sheer to just wear a bra underneath? Hmm ., I've no idea what to wear under it, though ..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

OH, IT HAS BEEN SO HOT these past days. And by hot I mean 23 degrees.
The weather has been so moist or whatever, so it feels so eek!

I've sadly not been able to fully enjoy this weather, since I've been sitting inside for two days straight doing nothing
but study for my exams. Fun stuff!

I'm heading to bed now, since I have a very long day tomorrow, but just wanted to stop by and say hi
while showing what wore today:
Zara jumpsuit and Matthew Williamson for H&M jean jacket*

*I think that is how close you will get to see me wearing jean-fabric on anything BUT my legs. I'm not sure I'm feeling that trend!
I RARELY FIND JEWELRY IN H&M because it simply looks too cheap,
but every now and then they have something. Like last week when I bought this bracelet.
Surely it is very clear that it's not a million dollar bracelet,
but at the total price of 11$, I say it is a pretty good buy!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ANOTHER BUY from London was this little cute Chanel ring. Me and mama felt we had to have it,
and so it went home with us. BUT I now see that it is already broken. What's up with that?
And since it was bought in London - what do we do? Hmm ..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ONE OF MY FAVORITE ITEMS in my wardrobe at the moment is this jacket from Semi-Couture.
I really like that it is this classic piece but in not so classic colors.
It really ads a little something something to an outfit, and sometimes it can be my entire outfit.

I thought of this "out of my wardrobe"-thingy after seeing it on other blogs.
Is it something you would find interesting, or? .
Well - the idea is that every now and then I'll pull a thing from my wardrobe to show you guys.
Jackets, shoes, tops, dresses, jewelry, whatever.
Every once in a while I ask these sort of questions,
and you never seem to answer me, but I'll just try again
THIS LUELLA TOP was one of my purchases in London.
Gosh, I've been bad a showing my purchasing, but I'll try showing some of them this week.

Back to the top - since Luella went bankrupt and what not (SO SAD, by the way) the store in London had everything
on like 80% sale. Amazing, but sad! Anyways this lovely little top had to come home with me,
and here you have it. Unfortunately I couldn't give you any better picture, since the colors get all fucked up on my Canon,
for some reason.

I've had a little trouble finding out from which collection the top actually is, but I think it was the S/S 09 collection,
Plus it sorta looks like this, right?

Monday, May 17, 2010

I SAW THIS LITLLE PRETTY THING over at Kenza's a while back, and have thought of been looking for one ever since.
Hers is from Bik Bok and I've looked and looked with no luck,
but today I found this in Gina Tricot:
The color isn't perfect, but they had the above and a pink one to choose from, and I thought "why not?",
cause then I can at least try out the trend before going all in.
There is something about these baseball jackets that look so cool on. I can pinpoint what, though.

HEY - I had my last day of school today. 7 exams ahead though .. beasty!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I KNOW THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO with what my blog is about,
and if you don't like to watch people fight then DO NO WATCH THE VIDEO!
But I kinda felt I had to post it after watching it.

At the moment the World's Championship in icehockey is rolling over the TV screen at my little home here in Denmark.
The Danish national team has done very well, and my parents are overly interested in that sport, so I've been watching a bit.

Surely fighting is seen now and then, but I've never witnessed anything like the above,
I'm to say it mild a bit stunned. I mean how can it even be aloud to fight like that in a sport
that has nothing at all to do with fighting? Don't get me started about my feelings on boxing,
cause I could go on all night. I just can't at all accept that a seemingly decent sport allow people to beat up each other
to an extent that the focus is removed from the actual sport to something totally different.

I'm sorry for using my blog for a thing like this, but I was a little .. well .. weirded out by seeing the above clip.
I AM GENUINELY EXITED about returning to this amazing place this August.
I went there last August with 5 of my friends and we had a blast. I can't remember when I last had so much fun!

Sitting here in Denmark in 10 degrees makes me long for 30 degrees on Crete so much more.
I've have been waiting patiently for 9 months now, and the day is finally somewhat near.

What are you doing this fine summer? Any exiting plans you want to share?