Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ONE OF MY FAVORITE ITEMS in my wardrobe at the moment is this jacket from Semi-Couture.
I really like that it is this classic piece but in not so classic colors.
It really ads a little something something to an outfit, and sometimes it can be my entire outfit.

I thought of this "out of my wardrobe"-thingy after seeing it on other blogs.
Is it something you would find interesting, or? .
Well - the idea is that every now and then I'll pull a thing from my wardrobe to show you guys.
Jackets, shoes, tops, dresses, jewelry, whatever.
Every once in a while I ask these sort of questions,
and you never seem to answer me, but I'll just try again


Sol said...

Det synes jeg er en god idé :) jakken er forresten også super flot!

Anonymous said...

Det var en sjov idé. Ser jag gerne mer av.

Anne Sofie said...

Synes også det lyder som en god idé!