Saturday, February 28, 2009


FAVORITES. A few random photos, I've never gotten around to. Now you're just getting them all in one,
so they're out of my posting system. :D

This girl is very inspiring. Not that I could never pull this look off.

Zara's campaigns are always the same, but this time with Lara Stone it's really nice, I think,
And my shoes is featured. Woopwoop!



F/W 09. The Christian Louboutin's at the 3.1 Phillip Lim show were to DIE for!
I think I might need the blue or the creme ones.



F/W 09. The beauty shots are so cute. I love the make-up at Marc Jacobs. 
ANNA SUI. Tony Garn looks amazing!

THAKOON. This picture of Annabella is so insanely beautiful!



F/W 09. I never look at beauty - and backstage photos on style, but I decided to a little week ago, and actually
found it very interesting and lovely. Though looking at all the collections, detail shots, beauty shots and backstage shots,
is a little exhausting in the long run.
I can't remember which show this is from, but Vlada looks very cute!
Alexander Wang
Calvin Klein
Diane von Furstenberg
Max Azria
Michael Kors

Marc Jacobs

Rag & Bone

Zac Posen

Shoot, I need to get a danish essay done, though I've no idea how.
Now I'm watching Ugly Betty and drinking coke.



VACATION. I brought my Canon EOS 450d with me to France, because I hoped I would get some amazing photos.
I didn't!
The weather left me totally uninspired, but I just wanted to show you these 4 shots. 
I might post some photos by my amazing friend D later on.

Just before we left we had this amazing sundown, and I like the feeling in this picture a lot. 


Friday, February 27, 2009


SUN. I love that the sky can look like this. 
I'm so happy I got to take this. I saw it on my way home from work, ran in and got my camera, ran out
and realized I needed my zoom-lens, ran in again, grabbed the lens, and cached the sundown by like and inch of a minute.
When I walked back to the house, the sun was gone!

I often write on this blog, that I'm on my way to meet my friend Frog for a walk. 
Usually we go buy a glass-coke like this, and just talk for half an hour:
And in these wintertimes I seriously look like that. With those big leather-gloves and my nice
and warm Marc Jacobs jacket, that I still use even though it's pretty much broken. 

Today I've been all over Copenhagen hunting a pair of shoes. You know the pair you use between winter
and spring? Yeah, unfindable. Though I did get a pair of studded jeans and a bikini.
I'm talking with my mama about getting on the pill, cause I'm very very sad my breasts are so small.
Do any of you have any experience in this area, then please leave a comment or send me and email:

Now I'm watching drinking coke and watching x-factor with mama. <3


Thursday, February 26, 2009


SHOPPING. Oh, I've not been shopping that much lately.
I'm waiting for Rome in less than two weeks, where I hope some of the S/S-shoes has landed.
I'm almost sure on the Dior with the cute heel, if they're not totally unaffordable.

So let's take a look:
Mama came home with these at some point last week. She apparently love the Balmain-collection,
which I would've never guessed. At first I found these a little too much for me, but seeing them on,
I just totally loved them. And I swear, a pair of shoes like these gets soo much attention. :D
I can't really figure out just HOW she managed to get them, since they're limited edition and crazy popular,
but I guess it's just a matter of luck.
Speaking of Balmain; I think I might soon be looking for some awesome ripped jeans,
but when it comes to ripped anything, I'm very picky!

I told you about this Brit Sisseck dress agesago, but here it is. I really like the details,
but as you can see it's very cute, so it's just about trashying it up a notch. :)

And the 3.1 Phillip Lim leather jacket. I'm soo lucky to have it, and I'm just waiting
for the weather to tighten up a bit, until it will be on me until next winter.

I got this top SOO cheap in Urban Outfitters, where I usually never shop, but I dearly love it.
Also just having it under my American Apparel u-back dress looks pretty awesome.

Now I seriously need to get some homework done.
I'm meeting the girls in less than an hour for dinner and chilling with a movie.