Thursday, February 26, 2009


SHOPPING. Oh, I've not been shopping that much lately.
I'm waiting for Rome in less than two weeks, where I hope some of the S/S-shoes has landed.
I'm almost sure on the Dior with the cute heel, if they're not totally unaffordable.

So let's take a look:
Mama came home with these at some point last week. She apparently love the Balmain-collection,
which I would've never guessed. At first I found these a little too much for me, but seeing them on,
I just totally loved them. And I swear, a pair of shoes like these gets soo much attention. :D
I can't really figure out just HOW she managed to get them, since they're limited edition and crazy popular,
but I guess it's just a matter of luck.
Speaking of Balmain; I think I might soon be looking for some awesome ripped jeans,
but when it comes to ripped anything, I'm very picky!

I told you about this Brit Sisseck dress agesago, but here it is. I really like the details,
but as you can see it's very cute, so it's just about trashying it up a notch. :)

And the 3.1 Phillip Lim leather jacket. I'm soo lucky to have it, and I'm just waiting
for the weather to tighten up a bit, until it will be on me until next winter.

I got this top SOO cheap in Urban Outfitters, where I usually never shop, but I dearly love it.
Also just having it under my American Apparel u-back dress looks pretty awesome.

Now I seriously need to get some homework done.
I'm meeting the girls in less than an hour for dinner and chilling with a movie.


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Stacy said...

The Balmain collection was my favorite for spring.