Tuesday, February 24, 2009


TO-DO LIST. It's seems I don't have time for anything lately. Definitely not anything blog-related.
My blogging-list is just growing bigger and bigger, and you might wonder WHY I HAVE to post all these things,
and it's simply because this blog is my inspiration-map. 
It's where I keep all my inspirations, craving, crushes, and whatever you can imagine.

So I won't forget:
1. S/S couture (damn it, supposed to be BEFORE F/W 09)
2. New buys
3. Sonia Rykiel tribute
4. S/S 09 shoe-cravings
5. Rest of F/W 09 as they're released on style.com
6. Random

Plus all the stuff I can't think of. I have a crazy blog period ahead of me. :)

NOW - time for some history homework. But I might find some time for posting later.


PS. The picture is insanely cute, right?

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DaisyChain said...

It is a super cute picture!