Tuesday, March 31, 2009


TOMMY. Mommy is waiting for these at the moment. 
When it comes to sunglasses Tom Ford is THE bomb of bombs!

The assignment/essay is coming along .. slowly. 
Tomorrow S and D is coming to my place at 9 AM, so I hope we'll get some work done.

I just found a show called "Bedford Diaries" on youtube. I remember watching a few episodes a few years ago,
and seeing it, it reminds me of something .. I can't put my finger on what, though.


Grouprelated crimes, anyone?

Now playing: The Killers - Andy, You're A Star
KNITS. This would actually do a pretty cool DIY-project, and me saying that is pretty wacked up, 
cause I'm so over knits it's ridiculous. 
By the way .. mustn't it be painful to sit down?

I need to get some writing done, though I would much rather watch Make Me A Supermodel or Ugly Betty.



WRITING. My roman kid is finally gone!! I was so happy at 5 AM, because I finally had my room for myself.
In half an hour I'm meeting at school to get a huge assignment/essay, that I have to hand in on friday at 2 PM.

But as for now - I'm watching Gossip Girl, and the cute Nate I used to love, I kinda don't like anymore? Ass! :D
Anyways - Gossip Girl has gotten too much for me, but I guess it's intriguing and exiting. Ah, yeah, I'm a sucker!


Sunday, March 29, 2009


TWO FAVORITES. I bought two of these ah-mazing sweaters in American Apparel in Rome.
I'm seriously LIVING in them. They're amazingamazingamazing! Go buy!

I'm so exhausted I can hardly type, so have a great sunday.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


ROMANS. I'm so insanely exhausted.
Yesterday was very funny at a high school party and I think the roman students had very much fun.

Today was spend with some friends and some roman students in Copenhagen and Christania.
Tonight we're going out .. again!
I want to sleep soo bad. Nownow!
And tomorrow we're going on a biking trip. I'm EXHAUSTED = NO BIKING!!
But I guess plans are plans, so you'll probably hear from me again on tuesday.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Navy & stripes

ALEXA CHUNG. Okay, I had a bit of an idea that I wouldn't post about Alexa Chung because everyone did it.
But then I flicked through all the Garance Dore posts I haven't seen the last period of time and she TOTALLY blew my mind. 
The way she takes these basic navy-things and make them look unbelievable
And okay - the Chloé bag could find it's way to my closet any minute.
I wouldn't care .. really. I swear!!


PS. I have the meanest feeling in my stomach. And I'm really feeling bad as I did yesterday evening and night as well.
I had to get up at like 5 in the morning to take painkillers. You gotta freaking be kidding me! 
Anyways - It's only at night, so I figure I'll be fine in the morning as well.

PPS. Anyone besides me who's a little confused and annoyed about Gossip Girl?
I mean .. what is going on?? It's just .. stop the drama! :)


DIOR BABIES. It saddened me so much when my mother received a very sad e-mail today.
The Dior babies I've been craving ever since they first hit the runway are very much out of my league.
I mean I'm willing to pay A LOT for these, but 1269$ is just TOO much.


Monday, March 23, 2009


ROME. I had some veryvery bad and sad family-related news today, that saddened me very much.
I guess that it might reflect on my blogposting, and I might won't post as much as usual.
Here are the pictures from Rome. Isn't it an fantastic city? I love it!
Tell me what you think. :)

The thing I really love about being at my vacation house is the view.
Firstly it's right by the sea with the most perfect sea-view, secondly there are often these amazing
sundowns, that is just ah-mazing. This is not even halfway there:

Just notice that this blog might be a little quite over the next period of time until I get this family business sorted out in my head.
Plus the roman students we exchanged with in Rome are revisiting this thursday, and just afterwards I'm writing
this giant essay/assignment in english and social science combined. Crappydicrap!


MOSCHINO S/S 09. I lovelovelove this ad by Moschino.
No wait - love isn't even word enough. 
The idea is so cute, the shots are perfectly taken by Patrick Demarchelier and Yulia Kharlapanova looks amazing!


Sunday, March 22, 2009


LAZINESS. I've been doing what seems like nothing this weekend.
I've watched TOO many episodes of Make Me A Supermodel Australia on youtube and a little math.
I haven't gotten around to all my Rome pictures, and when you say like that a week later it's almost too late to post them. 
I haven't seen the rest of Paris Fashion Week, which means I haven't seen Sonia Rykiel, for example. Geez, I need to stop slacking!

But to my own defense I'm coughing like an old man like I've been for daaaays, and I'm just generally so teenage tired all the time,
and when the weather won't turn in to real spring, and I'm not tin 18 degrees Rome, it's just soo uninspiring. 
You see where I'm heading? Bad excuses upon bad excuses? Jep.

I'm heading out now for a 2 hour long drive back home.
I might post some more when I get home. But later it is the long waited Shopaholic-movie. 
Despite the bad reviews, I'm looking forward to it nonetheless. 



VOGUE. UK & Australia with Lily and Abbey. Gorgeous!

Saturday, March 21, 2009



Friday, March 20, 2009


REST. I've found my way to my vacation house with my mother and grandmother this weekend.
I'm still a little sick, so I'm totally up for some coziness indoors all weekend.
Though we're leaving pretty early on sunday, and then me and mama are going to the movies to watch The Shopaholic-movie.

Now I'm sitting in the sofa with some coke and Make Me A Supermodel Australia, which totally kicks both America's Next Top Model and Make Me A Supermodel US's ass big time.
(If you want to watch here's a link to the first part of the first episode. Enjoy!)


PS. Oh my god, I'm starting my drivers license lessons the 2nd of April. I'm sure I can't drive at all.


CHEAP & CHIC S/S 08. It seems I'm posting A LOT of Moschino lately, but this ad is just too cute.