Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'VE BEEN VERY HESITANT ABOUT WEDGES. I still feel weird about closed wedges - like boot-wedges, or whatever.
But I'm thinking about buying one of the above. I like the white better, but I think I like the heel better on the black.
What do you think?

The black pair can be found HERE and the white pair HERE.

Kenza by the way has a pair similar to the black ones, and I'm questioning whether the heel is maybe a tad too high?


Mother of Style said...

Tough choice- they are both pretty. Wedges are great- easier to walk in than heels and you still get the flattering effect for your legs. If you don't have any white shoes you might like these. I have white sandals and they relaly give a nice accent to an outfit.

Tørlich said...

Yeah, right? I've heard that around and I think wedges are great for me considering I'm only 161 cm.

If I decide on any of them, I think it will be the whites as well. :)