Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WHAT REALLY MARKS THE RETURN OF SPRING for me is flowers. I don't have any major problems with winter
as such. The cold, the snow, the wind, the rain, and all that, I can survive. What I find the worst is that all the colors
disappear - the leafs fall off the trees and the flowers wither.

This post is my way to show how happy I am about the new season (yeah, spring arrived late this year!).
I've compiled all the above pictures over a period of times, and I found it was finally time to post them.

I'm listening to The Libertines as we speak. I just got my CD back from a friend after what seems forever,
and I had totally forgotten how RAD they are!


Creds: 1 to 8: Me. 9: Terry Richardson, 10: Me, 11: Emsedge,
12 and 13: The Cherry Blossom Girl, 14: Fashionispoison (I think)

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