Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'M FED UP WITH EXAMS after having only survived one - written Danish.
Tomorrow at 9:30 AM I've my oral English exam, and therefore I've spend all day studying poems from the romantic period
and now Macbeth by Shakespeare. The modern translation from is freaking awesome,
but it has taken me the god damn whole afternoon copying and rearranging it on Word.

Anyways - while studying for exams what I wear is sadly not highest on my list, and therefore today's outfit is really not
anything special. I just wanted to show you guys that side of myself as well.
I'm wearing: Topshop jeans and Emporio Armani shirt.

I tried making a little video of my outfit instead of a photo, but dude, did that just not work out with Imovie and stuff.
I'll try it some other time.

Macbeth is calling for me. CIAO, BABES.

PS. And a little special little thought to Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream.
Head over to her blog and wish her well!

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