Sunday, May 16, 2010

I KNOW THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO with what my blog is about,
and if you don't like to watch people fight then DO NO WATCH THE VIDEO!
But I kinda felt I had to post it after watching it.

At the moment the World's Championship in icehockey is rolling over the TV screen at my little home here in Denmark.
The Danish national team has done very well, and my parents are overly interested in that sport, so I've been watching a bit.

Surely fighting is seen now and then, but I've never witnessed anything like the above,
I'm to say it mild a bit stunned. I mean how can it even be aloud to fight like that in a sport
that has nothing at all to do with fighting? Don't get me started about my feelings on boxing,
cause I could go on all night. I just can't at all accept that a seemingly decent sport allow people to beat up each other
to an extent that the focus is removed from the actual sport to something totally different.

I'm sorry for using my blog for a thing like this, but I was a little .. well .. weirded out by seeing the above clip.

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Sol said...

Fuck hvor er det sindssygt!