Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I APOLOGIZE for the absurd bad blogging lately. I didn't really think anyone would care,
but since you do, I will try my absolute hardest to check in more often after my 10 hour working days.

I had my only day off today that first consisted of a birthday visit at fatkid's and later christmas shopping with mama.
I wore the above:
Shirt and knit from H&M, jeans from Topshop, random scarf and bag from Chanel

Oooh, do you see my Chanel? Isn't it just the prettiest? Better pictures soon. I promise (sorta).

Tomorrow and Thursday I have a little appointment at the hospital for a heart check up (my aorta is narrowed. so it's just a regular check up). I am so tired of all that working that I am almost exited about doing something (anything) different.

Enough about me - how are you all?


Alex said...

woow it's amazing!! lucky you!

Karissa said...

YES! Finally! The bag looks gorgeous! <3

Anonymous said...

Love the bright pop of colour!