Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LAST YEAR on this exact day I posted these pictures, and thought it was fitting yet again.
I've worked so much this christmas that the christmas spirit has never arrived.
Two more days from 10 to 8 and then CHRISTMAS!

I once again have to apologize for the bad blogging, but I truly have not had the time at all.
Hopefully after christmas times will be better for blogging.

Yesterday I went to a christmas party with lots of friends, but returned home pretty early.
I am simply too worn out to stay out late these days, and yes, I am well aware I sound like a 80 year old.
Today I met the girls for brunch and afterwards christmas shopping.

There is SO much snow in Denmark, and the temperature scale says -10 Celsius, but we're expecting around -15 to -17 Celsius throughout the night. NICE!


Sol said...

jeg bliver lige nød til at spørge. hvorfor blogger du ikke bare på dansk?

Tørlich said...

Du spørger bare løs. :) Det er fordi, jeg faktisk har flere besøgere, der ikke er fra Danmark, hvorfor det er lidt mere hensigtsmæssigt for alle, at jeg ikke skriver på dansk.

by Sutton said...

Happy Christmas - these images totally got me in the spirit!!