Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I WORE THIS on my day off today:
H&M cardi and blouse, Topshop jeans and Chanel bag

I seems my days off go by in a blink of an eye, even though I actually manage to do a lot of things.
Today for example where I went to the optician, had lunch with mama, went shopping and to the movies with my grandma,
plus I skyped with D for one and a half hours. Maybe that's why the day goes by too fast.

I by the way only have 31 days left at my job, and Paris calls my name. Wuha!



Anonymous said...

Who is "D"???

Tørlich said...

D is a friend of mine. I actually call her D, so it's not a secret name for a secret friend.

Susan Kelley / Specialty Orthopaedics said...

Love the clothing option for a day off. I teach and write, but am having some hip work done, and have therefore been wearing Danskos for the last few weeks, every - single - day. Killing me, and can't wait to get back to some girlie shoes to offset my otherwise athletic personality.
I love the cardi. Love it.