Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SONG OF THE DAY: Dizzy Mizz Lizzy - Glory
MUSINGS. All sorts of different pictures I've piled up.
That dress bed is like OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING. I wonder if it's possible to do one myself?

Today is like a manic tuesday. Total madness.
I got of at 4 PM. Seriously, it's almost dark outside at that point. How depressing is that?
And then home to study for psychology test tomorrow, which I'm totally going to fail,
because I suck at studying. Soon dinner, and then I'm finishing an english essay.
BUT - after tomorrow it's looking kinda light ahead.
Thursday I'm taking a day off, because I only have 2 hours in school and feel like being a little bit rebel.
And then friday school from 9:30 (cause I'm skipping gym class) to 12 with amazing stuff such as CAKECONTEST!!
And then the hairdresser and then PROM. Enough with the "and then"'s, but prom, you guys! Awesome stuff.

OKAY, I'M RAMBLING. Take a serious listen to some of the best music Denmark has to offer.
Like .. instead of reading my bullshit, right?


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