Monday, June 29, 2009

COFFETABLEBOOKS. I'm so into coffetablebooks it's insane.
Over the last 2 years I've gotten myself a pretty amazing collection,
if I must say so myself. This is a look into the collection, with the absolute best:


Mary-Kate & Ashley's "Influence"-book, that I actually haven't really had the time to dig into yet,
and "The Fashion questionnaire" with questions to all the amazing designers out there.
The "CHANEL - Collections and creations" is so beautiful. I so want to have my hair like this.

One of the first I got, though, was this "Gucci BY GUCCI: 85 years of Gucci"-book.
It's really one of the most amazing book I've ever looked in. 


Tim Walker always amazes me with his picture, so my book collection wouldn't be complete without "Tim Walker - Pictures".
The first "coffetablebook" I got was the "Mario Testino - LET ME IN!", 
and I actually bought it in the booksection of the Armani flagship store in Milano. A seriously great store for men!
The "FRONT ROW MARIO TESTINO"-book is not quite as good, but there's some pretty interesting pictures in there as well.

3. MUSIC. 

The "Rolling Stones: Images of rock & roll" has such great rock images!


It wasn't until recently I realized how amazing naturerelated books are. 
The "100 places to remember before they disappear" book is SO great. You'll definitely find some places you just HAVE to visit.
And furthermore I really realized how amazing the world is.
And "Visions of paradise" is very good as well considering the low price.

If you're from Denmark it's definitely a great idea to buy all your books 
(definitely the hardcover ones like these) over, cause it's SO MUCH cheaper.
Let's just take the Tim Walker book: Some places in Denmark it costs up to 170 pounds,
whereas you can get it for 52 pounds (including sending). Pretty insane, right?

Anyways - I'm off for some more studying. And later it's dinner at my brother's with the family.

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