Sunday, June 28, 2009

HUH?. This came as a shock for me, guys. I actually (!!) like this ad for Louis Vuitton starring Madonna.
Madonna is my favorite celebrity to hate. Not only do I hate her music, she also dresses like crap
and is not at all aware of what to wear when you've passed 50. Not a good combi, I tell you.
I guess the extreme photoshopping did tricks with her this time, and well, I actually quite like the whole setup. 

Okay, I'm off again. I'm out in the sun, and it's going so-so with the drivers license study-stuff.
I'm so ready for tuesday. BRING IT ON!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more on your perspective on Madonna. well put!

Btw thanks for a great inspirational blog.

Caroline said...

Yah, right? Too many people find her way too amazing. I don't get the fuss.

And thank you so much!!