Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MIRANDA KERR is freaking DIVINE! I love this editorial and the styling.

Aahh, I got the answer on a very important blood test yesterday. I'm so happy!
Those of you who have been a regular visitor the last three (!!!) years (if any of you are even still here),
might remember, that my mom had a blood clot in the heart in December 2008.
It is a problem in my family and both my grandfathers died of blood clot, my mom has already had one and my aunt has problems with her arteries as well, so I'm really really happy that I'm not genetically predisposed.

Other than that I'm still stressing out badly. I hope it will be more calm in two weeks time,
but at that point I of course have new commitments.

Picture cred: Fashiongonerouge (I think)

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