Monday, October 17, 2011

FIRST OUTFIT post in aaageees. How about that!
I'm wearing:
H&M cardi, H&M shirt and GAP jeans.

Had my brain been fully functioning this morning when I put on my clothes, my choice of bra had probably been different. Haha!

Woah, I'm stressed out these days. I'm trying to juggle way too many things, and my body is definitely telling me to slow down.
But slow down? Phff, not enough time to do that!
On top of that I saw a person the other week that reminds me of a part of my past I'm trying hard to forget.
I see him maybe once a year and every time I feel the same emotions and every time it takes me a little while to find balance again.
DAMN YOU, past!

Anyways - I hope you're all good. I'm already longing for my winter break in 2 months time.
Before that I can look forward to a very very big school project I need to hand in in the middle of December.
It will take up most of my time from the middle of November to the middle of December. Aarrrh, stress!

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