Sunday, July 26, 2009

SUNDOWN. I'm going to be gone over the next couple of days doing whatever in
my favorite C&C's summercottage.
I'll only bring what's necessary, and that means no computer and no blogging.
Butbutbut - I'll be back again around thursday.

I've just had the worst cop of chai latte, which I obviously made myself, hence the awfulness,
and am now in the middle of uploading tons of new CD's to my iTunes-library.
Everything from Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones to Beatles and John Lennon
to Queens of the Stoneage to Dear and Travis. Yeah, you get the picture, basically everything.
You might ask why? Simply because I'm going to spend a 2 hours bus and 1 hour train ride
with the only company being myself. Man, I hope I won't die of boredom.

Anyways - I don't know what I'm up to know. Some tFS surfing or more "Sex & The City"-marathon.
I'm in my bed now and it might not take forever until I go to sleep, cause I need to catch the bus at 9:30 tomorrow.


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