Friday, October 23, 2009

WHICH? My mother (and me, though my mother is paying) is looking into buying a second Chanel bag.
This time she want's yet another classic piece, but this time she want's a black and bigger one.
We're talking about one of these 3 bags, and at the moment we're probably more into a large shopping bag
or a jumbo than the Coco's Caba.

I don't know when this buy will actually happen, cause the store in Denmark has zero and a INSANE long waitlist.
But we're talking about yet another trip to Paris sometime in Spring, so we'll probably buy it there.

Which do you think?

Later you'll see my new bracelet. CIAO.

1 comment:

Charlotte D said...

Har lige købt Baby Coco Cabas (ooops). Havde ledt efter den i 1000 år, og fandet den endelig. As new!

Loves it! Vælg den :-D