Friday, October 23, 2009

ZIPPER. This is my new bracelet. I bought it from, which is like danish ebay.
Anyways, I had this bracelet in mind, when I found it, but got a little disappointed when I saw Disaya's version again.
Surely the "real" bracelet that is far more expensive than my little one is the most beautiful, but I think mine works as well.
BLABLABLA, I'm rambling like a mad person. Picture credit: littleplastichorses.


PS. Tune in tomorrow where I'll answer different questions.
Some visitors wanted more personal info, and there you go.

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Sanne Oda said...

Hey du. Jeg synes da også dit zipper armbånd er fedt, kunne du fortælle hvem som solgte dig det på Trendsales :)