Saturday, October 31, 2009

BOW. Yeah, I got my haircut yesterday, but instead of 15 cm I only ended up getting 6 cut off,
which I kinda regret now. Anyways - I asked them to make my hair like a bow, just like Lady Gaga's.
I actually brought that picture to show them, and the above picture is the result .. after about 12 hours!!!!
Isn't it insane how long it could last? But obviously it looked better when it was new and fresh.
Besides the haircut I also got highlights, and I'm loving the result. Plus she straightened out my hair as you can see.

More pictures, plus a sorta outfit picture:
On the pictures I'm wearing: Christopher Kane for Topshop dress, random scarf and Zara cardi.
I had just come in from the minus degrees outside, so pardon the mess.


PS. That Julian Casablancas song (who is by the way the frontsinger in The Strokes) is like insane awesome.
It has the classic The Strokes vibe, but without some of the rock. I really love it,
and it's so nice to hear his voice again.

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TheShoeGirl said...

I can't believe you sat for 12 hours but I really love it! It's beautiful