Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PART TROIS. If you're uninterested in my reviews, STOP READING.
I'm so in love with the fabric on the first two pictures.
I can imagine there being mixed feelings about these bounty-ish fabrics from at Prada,
but I think they're totally beautiful.
This collection look so-so on the runway, but on real life people I can imagine these looks look fab.
I'd really try to redo the layering on the first look if I can find a sheer tee.
Besides that I also really dig the shoes, from a distance anyway.
Beautfil Rodarte as always. And surely the Kirkwoods were awesome - though the pictures have been on 9 out of 10 blogs out there.
Amazing fabrics!
I always love Sonia Rykiel. Partly because the collections are stunning and partly because the models
are allowed to be cute and smile and flow .. and yeah, just be happy and cute!
The shoulder pads on the last pics are so cool - I want that shirt!
I have such mixed feelings about Stella McCartney .. always!
Cause on the one hand I often love her collections, but the other I just really can't stand her as a person,
and I'm actually not sure why.
Beautiful collection, but I'm really missing mr. Valentino, and specially his red stunning dresses.

This collection was so magnificent! Like a broken fairytale, like cinderella in a broken dress. LOVE!

I swear this was ALMOST the last.

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