Monday, December 31, 2012

I HOPE you will all have an amazing new years eve with people you care about. I sure hope I will.

Here is the rest of what happened in my year 2012:
I went to Greece with two of my best friends and the post including the bikini photo was my most commented this year.

I went to Chicago to visit amazing friends.

I went to a Coldplay concert.
And intesified my training.

My brother turned 24 and I wore the above outfit for a celebratory dinner.
I spend a lot of time at a coffee place nearby drinking iced tea. I habit I couldn't get rid off after returning from the US.

I went to Malmø with some of my best friends and ate at delicious Vapiano.
The weather started getting really cold so I looked back on beautiful summer days in Italy.
I went to a concert with the danish band Saybia in this cool venue.

I dreamed I was back in Italy that I had visited in August.

The first snow fell and I loved the view from my window.
I found my christmas spirit by looking at all the christmas decorations nearby.

That was it for this year. I hope the next will be the best ever.
I wish for you also a perfect 2013 and that you will achieve all your goals and dreams.


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