Saturday, December 15, 2012

IT HAS BEEN a while since I last did a little Insta round up.
Since I've been caught up in a giant school project the last few months, I have done next to nothing.

I had a night out where some dude decided to buy 100 nasty shots. Who's in? Not me...
I went for lunch at the newly opened Tisvilde Bistro in Hellerup
I laughed at the New Years bras at H&M. Have you seen the amount of push-up? Crazy.
I went for lunch with my parents somewhere up north.
The christmas decorations at my old town were beautiful.
The snow came and went, but the little we got looked beautiful and christmas-y.
A caught a beautiful sunrise on my way to the bus.
I ate a healthy and delicious lunch consisting of edamame beans, avocado, mushrooms and parma ham.
And I went for a little cake selection at Krummen & Kagen with D.

I handed in a giant school project on Wednesday, and this little christmas vacation feels amazing.
Tomorrow I am heading for my 6th and final trip this year. Berlin, here I come!


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